German egg pasta “spätzle”

German egg pasta “spätzle”

German egg pasta "spätzle"

450 gr. wheat flour
7 eggs
1 h. L. salt
water as required
Pine nuts, butter, fresh herbs for feed

Mix the flour, eggs and salt. Add enough water to form a dough, the consistency resembles batter for biscuits. Beat until there are air bubbles. Let the dough stand.

Prepare a large pot of salted water. Bring water to a boil. Scrape thin pieces of dough with the surface of the cutting board or miss the dough through a colander or a special device to cook in boiling water spätzle.

Get ready spätzle from the boiling water with a sieve and serve immediately, sprinkled with pine nuts. Or put it in warm water, if you use it in another recipe over time or put pasta in cold water, if you want to store them in the refrigerator or freeze for future use.

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