Gentle roll for fans of squid.

Gentle roll for fans of squid

Squid (I boiled)- 600 grams;
Grated cheese — 300 grams;
Raw chicken egg — 2 pieces;
Boiled chicken egg — 3 pieces;
Cream cheese type Almette — 100 grams
Cucumber — 1 piece;
Pickled cucumber — 1 piece;
The any greens — 1 bunch;
Spices — to taste.

1. Squid shredded, mixed with grated cheese, salted, peppered (I had lemon pepper).
2. Mixed them with grated cheese and 2 beaten eggs. 3. The resulting mass is distributed on the baking tray on baking paper and baked for 10 minutes at 200 degrees in preheated oven.
4. While squid is baked, cut the cucumbers and herbs.
5. Also shredded boiled eggs.
6. Baked layer of slightly cooled , and then thickly missed curd cheese.
7. Distributed on it cucumbers and greens. The above still missed cream cheese and put the chopped eggs.
8. Turned the layer into a roll, wrapped in foil and held it to cool for an hour.

Bon appetit!

ролл из кальм


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