Fruitcake for Christmas.

Fruitcake for Christmas.

-250g unsalted butter, cut into pieces
-185 g of brown sugar
-125 ml of brandy
-125 ml water
-1 kg of a mixture of fruit (I have 250 grams of raisins, 100 g of raisins, dried apricots 100 grams, 200 grams of dates, 100 cranberry)
-5 beaten eggs
-2 tbsp molasses or honey
-2 tsp lemon peel
-2 tbsp orange zest
-325 g flour
-2 tbsp baking powder
-0.5 tsp soda
-1.5 tsp spices
-150g blanched almonds

Place the butter, brown sugar, brandy, water and dried fruit in a saucepan. On low heat bring to a boil and simmer 10 minutes, stirring frequently.

Allow to cool. This mixture can be prepared in the evening, and the cake do the next day. Only the mixture should be heated slightly so that the oil has dispersed.

Heat the oven to 150 degrees. Oil the form of 23 cm in diameter. Vystelete it with parchment paper, sides make up 5 cm, good cake rises. Put the cooled fruit mixture into the bowl. Add beaten eggs, molasses and zest and stir paddle. Sift the flour, baking soda, baking powder and spices.

ADVANCED half the almonds and add to the mixture. Put the dough in the shape of a spoon. Top decorate the remaining almonds.

Wrap the sides of parchment paper forms, making them higher than 5 cm, and seal it with a paper clip inside the mold. Place three layers of paper on a baking sheet and put on her form. You can stove and small forms, published three cake 10 cm in diameter .. These muffins can be presented to friends).

Bake for 1 hour, then cover the top of a sheet of paper and cook for another hour to clean toothpicks. Cupcakes bake for about an hour. Cool the cake in the form, then wrap in foil and store in a bag in a cool, dark place for about a month. Although it can be stored up to 3 months. Before storing, you can pierce the cake with a toothpick and sprinkle with brandy and to supply water so you can regularly cupcake. Traditionally, the top of the cake can be left flat (without almonds) and cover the cooled cake with glaze or decorate as desired.

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