Fruit candy – Dudley

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Fruit candy – Dudley

Anyone who watched the saga of Harry Potter will likely immediately remembered his brother protivnenko cousin Dudley. But we are not talking about the taste preferences of a great lover of the family eat the Dursleys, and about useful sweets. And how would it not surprise you, but sweets can actually be useful!

Dudley – a fruit candy, made not from puree, jam, jam, and whole fruits in their natural state with the addition of nuts. This does not include pills – berries, fully glazed with chocolate or sugar mastic like “cranberry in sugar” or “raisins in chocolate”, and even sun-dried fruits like pineapple rings. Dudley – are natural candies with natural taste of fruits and nuts, is not “hidden” any artificial additives, dyes, glazes, etc. The main advantage of these sweets – their naturalness.


This is not “Dudley”

To make use of Dudley candy just slightly dried figs, apricots, peaches, prunes, figs. From sun-dried berries remove seeds and fill with crushed walnuts or almonds. Nutty crumb or marzipan sometimes pre-moistened with honey or whipped egg yolk with the sugar with the addition of brandy. In principle it can be attributed to Dudley and dried figs or apricots, slightly moistened with chocolate and rolled in walnut crumbs.

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Dudley is not only delicious candy, but also useful, which, moreover, they can cook at home themselves. The only negative Dudley – a very short shelf life, and dress, they need to be as fast as you can eat! It is because of their short ‘shelf life’, they are rarely found in commercially and industrially produced little. Some remained except the Middle East and Asia. The classic option is “European Dudley” are sun dried dates stuffed with marzipan.

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Try these Dudley possible in Armenia, where they are still prepared in the Ararat valley of peaches. Peach Dudley – Alania can be found in Europe, where they brought Armenians from Lebanon. To prepare the first podvyalivayut Alani peaches in the sun, after removing the skin and fumigated with sulfur, then pounded walnuts with sugar and cinnamon and stuffed peaches, remove the stones. Peaches slightly flattened and strung on a thread severe, then finally dried in the sun in limbo. Of course, in their own kitchen, you can hardly cook Alanya, but “hashtak” – another option candy Dudley family may well you succeed!



500 g walnuts (kernel)
500 g of dried apricots
50 g raisins
Honey 100 g

The dried apricot put half walnuts, raisins and honey. Instead, you can take apricots dried figs or sun dried figs. Serve tea surprisingly guests!

Recall that Dudley – it is very useful sweets! They contain many useful substances needed by the body: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, carotene, vitamins E, B1, B6, PP and vitamin C, as pantenolovaya acid, riboflavin, thiamine. So we can safely assign Dudley as a tasty medicine for anemia, low blood pressure, pregnancy, during breastfeeding and vitamin deficiency. Regularly enjoying these useful sweets, you will not only enjoy, but also to improve the condition of skin and hair.


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