fritters with oatmeal.

Fritters with oatmeal.


оладьи с овся

-2 cups oatmeal
-1 cup flour
-Low-fat cottage cheese 1 cup
-1 cup yogurt
-1 cup blueberries
-Lemon (zest) 1 tbsp. l.
-Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l.
-Olive oil 1 tbsp. l.
-Baking powder 1 hour. L.
-Sugar 3 tbsp. l.
-Eggs 1 piece.
-Salt – a pinch to taste

Grind flour in half the oatmeal in a blender or coffee grinder.
The second half of oat flakes pour two cups of boiling water and set aside.
In a bowl whisk together well with yogurt cheese.
Add to lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix well.
Add the egg. Stir.
Sift flour and baking powder, mix the flour with sugar and salt.
Pour the flour into the mixture of cottage cheese and yoghurt. Mix well.
Following send oatmeal and also mix well until smooth.
Next, add the swollen flakes and stir again. Give the dough for 20 minutes.
Heat the pan, brush with olive oil with a brush or spray the oil. The spray is more convenient, it is more evenly distribute the oil on the surface of a very thin layer. If the spray is not, the brush is also copes with the task.
Pour the batter into the pan a tablespoon.
To propeklis good pancakes, bake them on a low heat, just below the middle, covered with a lid.
Turn again and cover with lid. Roast until tender, just a minute or two.
Preparation berry sauce:
Put berries and 3 tbsp. l. yogurt in a blender. Who needs nedietichesky option, add the berries to 2-3 hours. L. powdered sugar.
Whisk the yogurt and berries. It turns out a wonderful berry sauce.
Of this amount, the ingredients obtained is such a beautiful slide delicious fritters.

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