Fresh tuna with avocado oyster sauce.


Fillet of tuna long-pёrogo 1kg.
Avocado 1 pc. (200 gr.)
Cucumber 1pc. (200 gr.)
Onion Green 4pcs.
Garlic green stalks 8
Sesame seeds 1st.l.
Black pepper 1 / 2ch.l.
Pepper sauce 1st.l. (sriracha)
Oyster sauce 2st.l.
Soy sauce 2st.l.
Sesame oil 1st.l.
Lemon juice 2st.l.
Salad of cabbage leaves 6 pieces.


Take the upper part of the fish fillets and cut into pieces about the size of 2h2sm.

Clean and cut into slices of avocado and cucumber, finely cut onions and garlic

Avocados should be immediately sprinkle with lemon juice, is not blackened and had a nice view

Mix the fish with avocado, cucumber, onion, garlic, sesame seeds, black pepper, pepper sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil

All gently stir and put on 30 minutes in the fridge

Then, at the bottom of the beautiful cups laid leaf salad of cabbage and fish

Fish is served chilled on the table, while waiting for the main meal

Enjoy your meal !

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