French cuisine: chicken in wine

French cuisine: chicken in wine

In the second half of November is the French wine festival “The new Beaujolais”. On this day, the French connoisseurs to taste the joy of a young wine.

And, even though we are not French, nothing prevents us to arrange an evening of France in Russia. Prepare a dish of French cuisine and open for him a bottle of wine.

However, one bottle we can not do – even the French meat cooked with wine. For example, take the recipe of chicken in wine.

French cuisine: chicken in wine

For its preparation we need:

1 chicken
2 tbsp. tablespoons butter
100 g bacon, diced
2 small onions
125 g mushrooms
1 glass of cognac
1/2 liter of red wine
Bay leaf
clove of garlic
tablespoon flour
salt and pepper to taste

Chicken cut into 4 pieces, cut the onion and mushrooms, garlic should be finely crushed.

Chunks of chicken are fried in deep frying pan in butter. After that the chicken is removed, as well as the pan put lard for them – onions, mushrooms and garlic. All this is a bit fried, then add the chicken to the pan again.

The pan is necessary to pour the brandy, sprinkle the contents of the flour, add the bay leaves and mix well. After that, add the red wine.

The dish should be put out the wine to a state of readiness, adding salt and pepper. After this, the meat from the pan should be removed and gravy leave the fire until it is boiled away by half. Before serving, pour the sauce the chicken should be.


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