French apple tart.

French apple tart.

Classic French confectionary art, just apple tart – nothing more, and the result is an incredibly elegant and delicious.

You will need:

(at 22-23 cm diameter tart)

180 g flour
1/3 tsp salt
2/3 Art. l. sugar
110 g of the oil
2/3 tbsp lemon juice
Approximately 40 mL of ice water

6 large sour apples (in purified form should have 800-900 grams)
(+ Juice of one lemon, if not sour apples)
50-100 g sugar (to taste)
50 g butter
2 tbsp Calvados (or brandy)
a little warm apricot jam

How to cook:

1. Mix the flour, salt and sugar. Butter cut into small pieces. Add flour mixture to the butter and grind into crumbs blender or by hand. Add liquid (depending on the flour may need a little more water), fast kneaded, the resulting dough should be uniform. Gather dough into a ball, flatten it into a disk, wrap in foil and put into the refrigerator for an hour.
An hour to get the dough, roll it, put in a form and send another 10 minutes in the refrigerator.

2. Cut the apples into thin slices (about 1-2 mm, for this useful vegetable cutter). If apples are not acidic, sprinkle with lemon juice. Coat the base Tart warmed apricot jam. Put apple slices in concentric circles (baking apples greatly reduced in volume, so that boldly lay gorochkoy). Sprinkle with sugar, pour the Calvados. Butter cut into small pieces and put it on the apples (try to lay out where sugar, or sugar can then burn slightly).

3. Bake for 15 minutes at a temperature of 210 degrees, and then lower the temperature to 200 degrees and bake for 15 minutes, then reduced to 180 degrees and bake for another half an hour, or until no tart zaburlit and browns (zarumyanitsya if too early, can be covered with foil) and the apples cook. Remove from the oven, lightly oil apricot jam for shine. Cool.

французск яблочн тарт

Bon Appetit!

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