форшмак из сельди4

For the preparation of mincemeat we need:

• salted herring fillets one (200 g)
• 1 small or half a large white onion,
• sour apple half peeled,
• 40 g softened butter
• 1 large clove garlic,
• Borodino bread, butter, lemon feeding.

Cooking method:
1.Cut the herring’s head. Ripped belly, took out the insides.

2. With a knife scrape black.

3. Make a cut along the ridge, cut fin.

4. Divide the fish into two fillets.

5. Remove the ridge, we obtain the remaining bones with tweezers.

6. Without following surgery, most cope, and I have not cut each fillet into two bones remain, so I cut.

7. Remove the skin from the fillets.

8. Half of the fillets cut into small cubes.

9. The remaining fillets cut arbitrarily, and send in a blender.

10. punched fillet with onion, apple, garlic and butter until smooth.

11. Mix the fish with a lot of chopped herring.

12. Borodino bread crusts cut off, pieces cut triangles.

13. Fry the bread on both sides in butter.

14. Spoon form a quenelle of mincemeat, spread them on bread. Decorate with lemon.

форшмак из сельди5
Bon Appetit

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