Fish Day! Salads and snacks

Fish Day! Salads and snacks

Now, each of us knows many recipes for salads and snacks with fish and seafood that they can not even list. And if you connect your imagination and do not be afraid to improvise in the kitchen, every time get a new version of the familiar dishes – in fact fish perfectly combined with a variety of a variety of products!

Today I want to share with you a few recipes brought from travel or received an inheritance, adapted by experiment for my family’s tastes, and took its place on our table. In addition, each of these dishes has its own, large or small, the story …

Fish Day! Salads and snacks

the story is not too long but interesting Do “Nicoise” salad famous.
As the name implies, this salad hails from Nice, and he absorbed the brightness and freshness of Provencal cuisine. It is believed that the “Nicoise” was born during takeoff popular resorts of Côte d’Azur and its creation had a hand in George Balanchine, who loved the choreography leisure time to experiment in the kitchen. One may doubt the veracity of the legend, but under so any salad dressing will only get better. Having become a specialty of the famous Hotel “Negresco” that decorates the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, salad spread, first across France and then – and for the world.

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There are many “Nicoise” recipes, and even French chefs can not agree among themselves, which of them is correct. Indisputable ingredients are only tomatoes, olives, lettuce and anchovies – the so-called “small” version of “Nicoise”. “Regular” and “grand” options allow you to add to a salad boiled eggs, meat, tuna, green or white beans, artichokes, capers, and even potatoes. The last ingredient – the most controversial – for example, the mayor of Nice insisted that potatoes “Nicoise” should not be, but the master Escoffier included it in its recipe.

Fish Day! Salads and snacks

We need:

eggs (chicken or quail) -, respectively, 3, or 8-10
Tomato 3-4 pc.
tuna fresh, frozen or canned – “output” should be able to 250-300 g
anchovies (fillet) -8-10 pieces.
olives – 10-12 pcs.
green salad (to your taste and choice)
Refills: olive oil, lemon juice, wine vinegar, crushed garlic, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, sliced basil, Dijon mustard (the number of each determines itself)

Fresh or thawed tuna for half an hour to marinate in lemon juice with salt and pepper, fry, cool, cut into pieces (size – according to your wishes). You can take and canned tuna, but the taste will be slightly wrong. Prepare the filling – it is better to do in advance to make it real. On a plate put lettuce on top – slices of tomatoes, eighths or halves of eggs (chicken or quail), olives, tuna pieces, anchovy fillets. Drizzle with dressing.

You can also add red onion, sliced into thin rings, but to me, this option seems to be too sharp.

Another great recipe with anchovies – from the Italian Calabria, while in the French Provence, and elsewhere in the Mediterranean are preparing something similar. This is not a salad, but rather paste, which can serve as a snack, and a seasoning for various dishes. Solar hot Calabria, which occupies the “toe” of the Italian boot, is known for its simple but bright kitchen, where fresh local produce is used. In this picturesque area grow best in Italy, olives, gorgeous vegetables and lemons, and the sea is teeming with fish.

Thrifty housewives Calabria like to do home-made, and the most famous of them – “caviar of the poor”.

To prepare the “caviar of the poor”, we need:

anchovies -1 part
capers – Part 1
olives – 3 parts
Olive oil is the best quality systems Part 1
lemon juice – 1 part
All the ingredients to grind and mix, you can add a little garlic and black or hot red pepper. All! In the embodiment, a Provencal and pine nuts, basil and other herbs.

Fish Day! Salads and snacks

Very tasty with fresh baguette or ciabatta. By the way, the mixture is kept perfectly in a closed jar and can be used for pizza, pasta and as a seasoning for fish with dim taste or fish cakes.

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Our next recipe – a native of Sweden, where he is loved and appreciated fish dishes, its close to our thoroughness. I can not say that I am delighted with the Swedish food in general, but a few interesting ideas from Sweden, I still brought

“Sandwich cake» (Smörgåstårta), which looks so beautiful in Swedish restaurants and the pictures, I was not particularly inspired – sandwich sandwich and he is, as his intricately or decorate.

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And mayonnaise here, in my opinion, too much – even fresh vegetables and herbs taste dishes do not balance. But there are no rules without exceptions, and one recipe, to find out at the mistress tiny restaurant in Uppsala, so captured me with its uncomplicated piquancy that became a frequent guest in my kitchen.

“In Uppsala sandwich” for 6 people, we need to prepare:

6 slices of rye bread
200 g smoked salmon (you can replace herring, also obtained excellent)
3 medium-sized potatoes, boiled in their jackets
1 cucumber medium size
1 sour apple
lettuce (what you like)
a small bunch of chives
a little dill, lemon slice
low-fat sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper to taste
From potatoes, onions, cucumbers and apples make a salad, finely chop all the ingredients. Fill it with a mixture of sour cream and mustard, salt and pepper. Number of filling each determine for itself – salad should not be too dry, but not wet. The fish is cut into small thin slices, dill finely chop. Bread (without crust) put a thin layer of lettuce leaves, potato salad and fish, sprinkle with dill and garnish with lemon and remove half an hour – an hour in the refrigerator.

"In Uppsala sandwich"

In the restaurant version of this sandwich was further decorated with fresh berries cranberries, but it is someone like that. Tomatoes, hard boiled egg slices, cucumbers, red onions, and radishes will also work as a decoration. A great winter dish, and looks good. In general, I recommend.

But to finish this essay I want to culinary Forshmak!


Number of recipes of traditional Jewish dishes calculus can not be, but this was prepared according to the rules of kashrut. Non-Jews do, of course, is not necessary.

For the preparation of Forshmak, we need:

2-3 large fillet fatty herring (do not be lazy and buy a whole herring, which may have to be cleaned, but no ready fillets (especially in sauce) is not suitable for this mincemeat, if too salty herring, it can soak)
3-4 boiled eggs
1 onion (onion if acute, can be enough and a half)
1 -2 strong acidic apple (peeled!)
4-5 slices stale white bread
vegetable oil (no smell!) – 1/3 cup
pepper and salt (to taste), sugar (1 ch. l.), mustard (1 tbsp. l.)
herbs and / or chives for decoration
Do not be surprised approximate amount of ingredients. Forshmak to taste during cooking and add the required taste. Every time it gets a bit different, but still – it was delicious!

The bread with the cut peel soaked in water or weak tea (it is possible and in the milk, if the rules of kashrut do not worry), wring it well. All the ingredients are crushed – ideally do it with a knife, at least – in a meat grinder. No blenders that make mincemeat in sauce! Add minced sugar, mustard and butter (as will) and salt – as needed. Put into a mold, chill and serve, sprinkled with herbs and green onions. Many are added to the mincemeat butter instead of olive or any vegetable – as it turns out mincemeat more dense and delicate, a little different, but also very tasty. But I, though not observant, prefer the classic version of the Jewish – perhaps out of habit. I hope that you enjoy.

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In Forshmak have one, but very important, drawback – it is very quickly eaten! Especially in good company, with pleasant table talk. However, for the delicious food, whether they fish or not, it’s business as usual. And I’m sure that any one of us can not share a “family” or brought from any corner of the globe interesting original recipe fish snacks. I invite everyone!

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