Filet mignon with couscous and grilled vegetables.

couscous-stack 0.5.,
zucchini – 1 piece,
Eggplant – 1pc,
white onion – 1 pc,
mushrooms are small – 10 pieces,
large tomato – 1 pc,
Garlic – 1 tooth
burning pepper – to taste
olive oil – 4-5 tbsp.
white balsamic vinegar – to taste
Soy sauce – to taste,
sea ​​salt – to taste,
Pepper Ch.M. – taste,
basil – a few sprigs of supply,
balsamic cream supply.
beef tenderloin – 600g,
Hungarian bacon – 200g,
sea ​​salt to taste
Pepper Ch.M. – taste.

Cooking method:      
Couscous pour boiling water 1 cm above cereals. Cover and leave to swell for five minutes, cool.

Vegetables wash, dry, cut and fry in a skillet grill until done. Fillet cut into thick slices 1,5-2sm. Wrap 1-2 strips of bacon, cooking twine tie. Fry fillets in a skillet grill for 1 minute on each side, turn eight times (4 minutes on each side).

Put fillet on a plate, good salt and pepper, cover with a deep bowl of leave for 5 minutes. During this time, will fillet the red juice, it will stay juicy and soft, but without blood.
Grilled vegetables cut into thin strips, add sliced ​​tomato without seeds, kusukus, season with olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, salt and pepper, add the red chilli pepper and chopped basil. Mix.

When serving sprinkle the dish balsamic cream, remove the thread from the filet mignon.

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