And the Indians called this spice “Shambhala”, considering it the guardian of secrets and wisdom of the gods.

Culinary file:

Shambhala, she fenugreek or fenugreek – aromatic plants of the legume family, known to people since ancient Egypt.
In the food used fresh and dried leaves and young stems of fenugreek and ground dried seeds, acquiring a yellowish color after the treatment. Fenugreek as a spice has a pleasant, sweet-lasting bitter taste and aroma.
Fenugreek greens good for salads, side dishes of rice and vegetables, soups, chutneys, sauces and marinades. Dried leaves and stalks, powdered, put in a variety of hot dishes of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, added to the preparation of a “green” cheese.
The most widely used in the world of cooking fenugreek seeds. They are used in the preparation of main dishes of meat, fish, home-Fri
Seeds of fenugreek impart a subtle nutty flavor food close hazelnuts. To improve the taste of the spices, whole fenugreek seeds before grinding roasted on a dry frying pan, preventing them from redness, or spice will give bitterness.
Shambhala well with spicy vegetables and herbs, many spices. Fenugreek seeds are included as a core component of the spice blends such as curry, adjika, hops-suneli.

Compatibility with meals:

meat dishes, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, poultry dishes, drinks, other


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