Fat burning cocktails

Fat burning cocktails – a great tool to fight obesity. They speed up metabolism, the sensation of hunger and provide your body with vitamins and minerals. The best recipes of the five faithful helpers diet.

How to prepare cocktails fat burning home

In fact, nothing could be simpler. All you need is the “right” ingredients and a good mood.

Why are these drinks called fat burning? And all because they are used for their preparation products, accelerate metabolism – fruits, herbs and spices.

жиросжиг кокт

Fat burning cocktail. Recipe №1

Light cocktail with mint and lemon is the perfect start to the day. Cheer up, inspire you and help you in getting rid of excess centimeters.

Kiwi – 1 piece
Lemon – 2 pieces
Mint – 7 sprigs
Parsley – 7 sprigs
Water – 100 ml
Honey – to taste and desire

1. Kiwi fruit peel and cut into small pieces. Put it in a blender.
2. To add kiwi lemon, herbs and water, mix well.
3. Eat immediately after preparation.

Fat burning cocktail. Recipe №2

Lovers of exotic fruits will be enjoyed cocktail with pineapple and grapefruit. These products, along with pumpkin seeds – some of the best fat burners.

Grapefruit – ¼ pieces
Pineapple – 4 pieces
Kefir – 250 ml
Pumpkin seeds – 30 grams
Coconut Oil – 30 ml

1. Grapefruit and Pineapple peeled, cut into small pieces and place in blender.
2. Add yogurt to fruit, seeds, and coconut oil, mix thoroughly.

Fat burning cocktail. Recipe №3

If you decide to resort to heavy artillery and quickly lose a few kilos, an indispensable tool in this will cocktail with yogurt, cinnamon and pepper. Dairy products improve the functioning of the digestive tract, and spices – quickly burn calories.

Kefir – 250 ml
Red pepper – 1 pinch
Ginger – 0.5 teaspoon
Cinnamon – 0.5 teaspoon

1. Combine all ingredients in a blender, beat well.
2. Eat immediately after cooking, the best before bedtime.

Fat burning cocktail. Recipe №4

If during the diet you want something sweet, dessert, prepare yourself that will not harm the figure, on the contrary, will be an excellent diet supplement.

Water – 250 ml
Honey – 1 teaspoon
Apple cider vinegar – 1 tsp
Cinnamon – 1 stick

1. Connect the water with honey and vinegar, mix well.
2. Add the cinnamon. This cocktail – the perfect start to the day.

Fat burning cocktail. Recipe №5

As a powerful fat burner is considered celery. In addition, it combines perfectly with the other products in cocktails and smoothies, such as apples.

Green celery – 200 grams
Apples – 2 pieces
Lime juice – 0.5 pieces
Water – 100 grams
Ice – 0.5 cups

1. Celery cut into small pieces and place in blender and grind with the peeled apples and lime juice to the air consistency
2. Add water and beat again. Then supplement cocktail with crushed ice. Instead of ice you can use an additional 100 grams of water.

Fat burning cocktail – perfect for a light snack that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also help get rid of the rainy calories. In addition, they are very useful because they saturate the body with essential vitamins, which are so few in the dietary menu.

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