Fast triangles with tuna.

Fast triangles with tuna.
The local supermarket appeared phyllo dough, so now it will be possible to cook those dishes that I have seen in magazines and books, but skimmed through in the absence of sheets of phyllo.

I tested the dough here on these triangles, you can think of stuffing according to your taste, I had tuna + corn + cauliflower (raw) was good.

Prepared triangles are very fast, they can be cooked and puff pastry, even when the dough in the freezer there, the options for a quick snack becomes greater.

Cooking method:  
Phyllo dough cut into strips, brush with oil and put on one end of the filling, roll on the circuit.

I greased the top of the triangle yolk and they finally looked like painted on the one hand, they are not baked long, about 15 minutes, the dough is crisp, the filling of tuna in oil juicy – just turned out well.

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