Fast profiteroles with salmon and cream cheese.

Fast profiteroles with salmon and cream cheese.

Very often for the holiday table want to cook small snack stuff. You can use pieces of bread, saltine crackers.

And you can dream up a little bit and pre-bake by the lush and delicious buns choux dough – profiteroles.

Profiteroles – very successful variant snacks.
The secret of the structure of the test is such that during baking inside a cavity, into which you can put anything you like. In our case – fish and cheese. And we have obtained very aesthetically pleasing and delicious snack profiterole with cheese and salted salmon.

– Ready profiteroles (20-30 pieces);
– Salted salmon (200 g);
– Cream cheese (200 g);
– Parsley (beam).

The recipe can be found here profiteroles.

We cut off the top of the cooled profiteroles.
Cut the fish into small pieces. Every profitrolinku begin cream cheese, put a piece of fish on top and leaf parsley. Cover top.
Beautiful and delicious profiteroles snack with salmon and cream cheese ready! It’s time to put them on the table!

закус профитроли

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