Farfalle with chicken and honey

Pasta Farfalle 500g;
Chicken drumstick 700 grams;
Butter 30 g;
Soy sauce 3 tbsp .;
Honey 4 tbsp .;
Salt to taste;

1.Vremya preparation – 30 minutes
2.Varite farfalle 15 minutes (or as directed on the package) in plenty of salted water. Cut the meat into small pieces.
3.Rastopite butter in olive.
4.Obzharte meat for about 5 minutes, do not salt.
5.Dobavte soy sauce.
6.I honey. Mix well, cook until done.
7.Probuyte meat taste and adjust salt (soy sauce), and the sweetness by adding honey, if necessary.
8.Dobavte ready to farfalle chicken, plus add 50 ml of water in which they cooked.
Mix well.

варфале с кур

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