Fancy US restaurants

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Fancy US restaurants

In the United States, of course, no shortage of restaurants with good quality food, and New York, and all is one of the recognized leaders in gastronomy. But today’s article is not about that, and walking on the institutions, which are an indicator of the hospitality and traditions of this country, we will be in another time. Fancy restaurants, collected in this review offer something more than just food. They offer a plunge into a special, unlike anything the atmosphere intriguing, dangerous, and sometimes terrifying leading to a screeching halt.

Casa Bonita, Denver

Denver is the iconic Mexican restaurant Casa Bonita, which has become a favorite destination of both adults and children. The largest facility in North America was founded in 1974. Impressive date, right? The name of the restaurant translates to “beautiful home”. Tower restaurant and really beautiful. It is 25.9 meters in height. The dome, covered with gold leaf, is crowned by a statue of Gvatemozina – the last emperor of the Aztecs. Before the tower is a fountain, which is decorated with authentic Mexican decor.


the restaurant itself is a three-level, located inside a real 9-meter waterfall and lagoon, surrounded by cliffs. This restaurant is fond of tourists and locals for a wonderful atmosphere: the whole day there is an entertainment program featuring various games, performances and speeches of vagrant musicians. The menu is presented Mexican cuisine: here adults and children will find something that they will have to taste.



Dick’s Last Resort, San Diego

As the Americans say, if you have a good sense of humor, then Dick’s Last Resort, you’ll be right at home. This restaurant is notable for the fact that there are very rude service on the ground. Taking the order, the local waiters necessarily mimic the visitor. Who to look at this place, be prepared for what will have to wait very long menu, but the waiter still deign to appear, he literally fling his visitor’s face. You may forget to bring cutlery, to call the guest and put on his head a cap with coarse epithets. However, no matter what visitors such services does not offend. Probably, the staff manage to not go too far and pay everything that happens as a joke, although, for me, the pleasure is still questionable.


Furniture and interior in the original restaurant: tables and chairs are made so bad that it seems as if they were made drunken carpenter. A wall “decorated” terrible drawings and abusive slogans.


The regulars of the restaurant note that here mischief at service, but prepared perfectly. purely American dishes presented in the menu: kebabs of chicken legs, French fries, a variety of salads, burgers and sandwiches, seafood. But the trump card of the restaurant – it’s pork ribs on the grill and delicious steaks. Portions are simply huge: they are designed for the most power hungry guests.


By the way, the restaurant opened 28 years ago. In order not to go bankrupt during the crisis, a restaurant owner Steve Schiff decided to implement the “rough” concept. Surprisingly, the restaurant just knocked visitors. Later, Dick’s Last Resort has grown into an entire network, which today has 30 restaurants.

Heart Attack Grill, Dallas

Probably not for nothing that the restaurant was open it in America. Heart Attack Grill – a true celebration of gluttony. It serves at the table all that is harmful to health. Menu is replete with great food cholesterol fractions, as well as combined lunch and dinner, including beer and cigarettes.



This institution has earned a special arrangement of male guests, of course, not because of the calorie menu, and thanks to a cute waitresses. Dressed in frivolous suits nurses, they will take care of all the visitors who have bad yourself feel after a hearty meal, and to cope with the biggest burger (by the way, this quadruple burger contains 8,000 calories and is the most dangerous for the health burger in the world) as a bonus will be transferred in a wheelchair to the car. “Chip” is a cult institution junk food and large size: anyone who weighs more than 150 kg, take advantage and bought everything that you want, for free.



Ninja, New York

The most mysterious Japanese restaurant the Ninja, is located in one of the exclusive neighborhoods of New York, fully recreates the atmosphere of the mountain village of XVIII century Japan. The theme of the restaurant is based on the image of the warriors of medieval Japan – ninjas, who, unlike the samurai did not fight with the enemy face to face, and have acted in secret.



In the vast area restaurants are dark intricate corridors and 22 rooms, a stylized dwelling ninja. Waiters, as befits a real ninja dressed all in black and skillfully managed with sharp, razor-meter shinobi Gata and mastered the art of kung fu. They explode, spit fire, scare visitors and break dishes face. In addition, the Japanese theatrical performances are held regularly at this restaurant.



Hadaka Sushi, Los Angeles

Again, a favorite restaurant among the stronger sex. Hadaka Sushi – restaurant for adults in Hollywood, where sushi is served directly from the human body. And “for serving” model used different: women to men, and masters for the ladies. Customers are assured that the food does not come into contact with the skin, it is carefully laid on banana leaves. The idea of this restaurant is borrowed from the Japanese: Nyotaimori, or live naked sushi, it is a quirk of the local mafia. The only difference – in Hadaka Sushi restaurant all “strategic places” are covered with flowers and leaves.

hadaka2 hadaka3 hadaka1 hadaka4

Tslothing Optional Dinner, New York

Imagination was paralyzed theme of this restaurant. Clothing Optional Dinner – restaurant for nudists who are bored with wild beaches and who like something a little more elegant and refined. As you can imagine, the owner is also a member of the New York Society of nudists, and staff – his friends and acquaintances. By the way, all the waiters are dressed in a shape corresponding to sanitary norms.


Eat to Live, or is there to be surprised? How do you think the Americans were able to make a reality of the second utterance?

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