Fancy cocktails Japan

Fancy cocktails Japan

Japanese cocktails – the same as the actual land of the rising sun. Complex multi-beautiful, they are often poetic names. Some absorbed the Japanese tradition of alcoholic and other beverages prepared from different around the world. Let’s see what are the unusual Japanese cocktails.

Traditional alcoholic drinks in Japan – it’s Sake and melon liqueur “Midori”. Oddly enough, to each other, these two drinks, the sun and the moon of Japanese cuisine, in any mix not found. But with their help the Japanese interpret many European recipes. For example, the Japanese version of “Alexander” – “Midori Alexander”. For its preparation will need: 30 ml of liquor “Midori”, the same white liquor “Curacao”, 60 ml cream, grated nutmeg. Constituents are invited to mix in a shaker, strain into a la carte dishes and sprinkle with nutmeg.

The famous cocktail “Pina Colada” is transformed in the hands of Japanese chefs in “Midori Colada”. In general, the recipe is almost identical.

To cook it you will need:

50 ml rum
100 ml pineapple juice
20 ml of liquor “Malibu”
30 ml of liquor “Midori”
30 ml cream
3 crushed ice cubes
All components are mixed in a blender until smooth.

Do you know how to turn banal “Bloody Mary” in an unusual Japanese cocktail? Very simple! – Add the sake! No, instead of vodka, and along with it. It will turn out as a promising recipe, beautiful “Tokyo Rose”. It is prepared as follows: 10 ml of tomato juice, 10 ml of vodka sake and the same layers in this order are poured into a glass.

Sake Japanese also offer mix of gin in a cocktail “Saketini” (30 ml gin 10 ml sake, mix with ice in a shaker). Or a whiskey cocktail “Geisha”.

For its preparation will need: 30 ml of whiskey, 30 ml of sake, 10 ml of lemon juice, 10 ml of sugar syrup. All the ingredients are mixed in a shaker and poured into a glass.

Liquor “Midori”, from the perspective of the Japanese, goes well with vodka. At least cocktail “of Tokyo Joe” consists only of these two ingredients. To cook it you need to 45 ml of vodka and pour the same amount of liquor in a glass layer in this order.

In addition, this liquor, according to the Japanese masters, goes well with tequila. For example, in a cocktail “Suspicious lady.” To cook it you will need:

30 ml of liquor “Midori”
30 ml tequila
90 ml of grapefruit juice
All ingredients were mixed in a shaker and poured in portioned ice crockery.

However, Japanese cocktails does not necessarily contain spirits. Many of them – it is sweet and light smoothies, forcing to experience a burning envy, because in our latitudes, tropical fruits do not grow.

For example, Peach Cocktail “Whisper”. To cook it you will need:

45 ml strawberry liqueur
45 ml mango liqueur
45 ml lime juice
45 ml lemon juice
1 peach
All the ingredients are mixed with ice in a blender and poured into a glass. It turns positive thick orange cocktail.

Another nice fruit mix – a cocktail with the poetic name “Suntoriyskaya star.” To cook it you will need:

30 ml of liquor “Midori”
15 ml of banana liqueur
4 slices of fresh pineapple
The pulp of passion fruit halves
Several strawberries
From preparing mashed berries. Along with drinks and slices of pineapple, it is mixed in a blender. The ready-laid pulp of passion fruit cocktail.

Cocktail with a poetic name is not “rusty spade”, oddly enough – is also easy, fruity “female” cocktail. For its preparation is required:

30 ml strawberry liqueur
5 drops of cream
1 mango
1 passion fruit
All the ingredients are mixed in a blender with ice and poured into a glass.

One of the most popular Japanese cocktails called “Japanese thong” and cooked very simply. In 30 ml shaker mixed liquor “Midori” 30 ml liquor “Quantro” and the same amount of lemon juice. At the request of the sour cocktail can add 5 ml grenadine.

Pretty unusual looks cocktail “Mount Fuji”. To cook it you will need:

30 ml gin
15 ml lemon juice
10ml double cream
1 egg white
All are invited to mix the ingredients with ice in a blender, pour into a champagne glass and garnish with banana circle.

Have you tried any Japanese cocktails? What would like to try?

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