English Christmas pudding.

English Christmas pudding.

Ingredients for the pudding:

For baking

-3 cups bread crumbs, about 200 g (approx. One loaf)

-1 cup dark raisins

-1 cup light raisins,

-1 large cup of raisins,

-1.3 cup sugar, 200 g,

-0.5 teaspoon cloves

-0.5 teaspoon cinnamon

-0.5 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg

-200 g of the oil

-0.4 teaspoons of salt,

-4 large eggs (or 5 medium)

-a few drops of almond extract

-half a cup of orange marmalade,

-half a cup of bourbon or dark rum.

For the cream:

-two cups of powdered sugar,

-ten tablespoons butter, room temperature

-a quarter teaspoon of salt,

-two tablespoons of brandy or cognac.

To file:

-one-half to one cup of rum to flambé.

Cooking Christmas dessert:


We prepare all the necessary ingredients and kitchen tools.

Cut from a fresh loaf of white crust and cut the remainder of the cubes of all sizes. Cubes grind in a food processor until fine fraction.

We clean all the raisins from the stalks and extraneous matter and did not chop too small (you can use the same capacity as the crumb loaf without washing it).

We measure out all the spices which, as stated in the recipe, make the Christmas pudding in a festively fragrant.

We use the mill to make powdered nutmeg and cloves, or any other fragrant spices that are suitable for this dessert.

Divide the eggs in a bowl combine and mix them with spices – cinnamon, almond extract and vanilla sugar usual.

Butter cut into cubes and melt the it on low heat or in microwave mode minimum power. Do not overheat! The oil should be warm but not hot!

Adding to the overall cup butter, orange marmalade and ground cloves with nutmeg.

Pour to the same alcohol.

Thoroughly mix all whisk at medium speed.

We connect with the resulting mass of bread crumbs and chopped raisins and knead everything thoroughly comfortable spatula until homogeneous dough.

We spread the dough into appropriate size silicone mold, previously greased with butter carefully, well compacted it.

Cut a circle of baking paper on the size of your form and carefully camouflage them our pudding, being careful not to leave a gap, pressing the edges to the inside of the mold.

Pour into a large pot of water to a level that our silicone mold was immersed in it for at least one-third.

Blanking of the pudding pan with a lid and bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce the heat to very low and do not forget to follow, cook our dessert for 6 hours periodically pouring water into a saucepan.

We reach our almost finished pudding and give it to cool (not removed from the mold and remove the paper circle!).

Gently spread it on a baking paper and pack dessert.

We reach it for Christmas pudding and arrange ceremonial pitch. To do this, we pour alcohol in any heat-resistant container (preferably suitable metal ladle with a spout). Heat the whiskey / brandy to hot temperatures over medium heat. Ignite heated splinter alcohol (you can use a wooden skewer), and pour this flame is our pudding. The pudding is ready, and it can only be divided into portions and serve with cream.

For the cream:

Softened (strictly at room temperature), beat the butter in a food processor and add salt.

Pour the icing sugar and whisk again.

Pour alcohol and bring a thorough whipping cream at high speed to its final form.

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