England gastronomic

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England gastronomic

Not to say that I am a fan of English food in general, but there are some dishes, from which I could not refuse.

I think they also deserve your attention. Let’s talk about it … a traditional English dish – Mr. Jacket Potato or ‘potato in a jacket. ”

I think this is one of the most delicious dishes, which are the British, and most importantly – it is preparing for a few minutes.

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Large potatoes should be pierced with a fork in several places and cook until soft in the oven or microwave. Then cut crosswise, put a piece of butter and fill with your favorite filling. The most popular English version – a mixture of tuna with mayonnaise sauce. I would recommend even sprinkle with cheese crumbs and garnish with greens. Bon Appetit!

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Of course, the ladies also love to be pampered sweet. English Any housewife can bake cookies  – thin pastry, as well as biscuits and scones – buns with raisins. For my taste, like homemade cakes the best!

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After a hearty lunch, be sure to dessert in pubs and restaurants in England. I would recommend you try the apple crumble (the English version of Charlotte). Juicy apple slices in a soft cake, generously sprinkled with a sweet crumb – a real temptation for lovers of sweet.

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Traditional English dessert – pudding. The inventor of this dish, probably guided by the principle – in a good housewife does not disappear. Therefore, initially pudding recipe was as follows: crumb of white bread and poured the juice of the berries and then cooled. Variants of such meals are served to the table, many Englishmen and it is called summer pudding. And, of course, is not without a Christmas pudding. This ginger syrup soaked dessert is now bought in a restaurant, without waiting for Christmas or New Year, for any reason, and without it. Good, you know!

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Who has not tried cheese cake? Cake, filled with curd cream with fruit slices – it is, in my opinion, a masterpiece of English culinary art! If the first and second dishes Albion I am rather reserved (exception – Jacket Potato), the desserts – my weakness, and cheese cake – number one among them.

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I note that the main feature of British desserts – gravy. In any restaurant or cafe in English you will be prompted to choose to order dessert sauce – thick chilled cream or custard (Custard). I assure you, custard definitely worth a try! Sweet custard of eggs and milk will make you forget about counting calories. He always served hot, and I eat it faster than the dessert.

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Toffee – I would call the pinnacle of the English confectionary industry. Also familiar to us all creamy taste they can find chocolates, nuts, sprinkles, cookies … In restaurants, I recommend that you try a liquid version of a toffee sauces to cakes and puddings.

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If you managed to try all the English desserts, you will need weekly, or even more, unloading – moving to oatmeal, lady … And yet viva sweet Albion!

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