Eggplant in Portuguese

Eggplants — 200 g
Onions — 20 g
Butter — 6 g
Tomatoes — 100g
Garlic Green — 3 g
Sugar — 2 g
Flour — 8 g
Salo clarified — 8 g
Rusk — 2 g
White cheese — 30 g
Thyme, ground pepper, bay leaf, salt — to taste.


1.Eggplant cut into slices or along a sheet 1 cm thick, pour over boiling water, discard in a sieve, let the water drain, season with salt and put on 20 minutes under pressure. Onions finely chop and fry in butter, add the halved tomatoes, finely shredded green feather garlic, thyme, bay leaf, salt, pepper, sugar and simmer until the sauce thickens (about half an hour).

2. Then through a sieve. Eggplant dry on a towel, breaded in flour and fry in fat. Pour a little sauce on the bottom of the batch clay pot, put a layer of slices of cheese, top circle — eggplant, then cheese and eggplant as long as the pot is full. Pour the remaining sauce, sprinkle with grated cheese mixed with bread crumbs, drizzle with butter and bake in the oven. Post in a pot.

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