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Easter with white chocolate

Gentle creamy taste curd Easter will be particularly exquisite sweetness if it will give even white chocolate. Translucent chocolate chips serve as an excellent decoration for the main light holiday treats.

Easter with marmalade.

INGREDIENTS vanilla sugar — 2 tsp.. salt — to taste Egg — 2 pcs. curd — 700 g softened butter — 70 g 33% fat cream — 0.5 l multi-colored marmalade — 200 g powdered sugar — 0.5 cups Whip the cream with half the icing sugar in a thick foam. Separate the yolks from […]

Menu for Easter. Lean roll with poppy seeds

Such rolls with poppy seeds baked even our great-grandmother, when fasting before Christmas and Easter. This baking is not necessary to add any eggs or milk, or butter. But even without baking turns out very tender and delicious, and even low-fat! The stuffing can also add raisins, dried apricots and walnuts.

5 ideas for a delicious breakfast of lean

Lent is in full swing — to the end only a little less than a month. If you are already fed buckwheat and oatmeal on the water, we offer five options for a delicious, easy to prepare, and most importantly, lean breakfast. Among the favorites — banana toast, cream of avocado and of course, millet […]

Italian Easter cake «Colomba».

INGREDIENTS milk — 1 cup egg — 5 pcs. Salt — a pinch 150 g candied 10 g of dry yeast 550 g flour 50 g peeled almonds 300 g of oil zest of half a lemon Sugar 170 g RECIPE Dissolve the yeast in 2-3 tbsp. l. of warm water. Add 100 grams of […]