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ITALIAN EASTER Cake “panettone”

ITALIAN EASTER Cake “panettone” I recommend to cook Italian “Panettone” to the Easter table. Cake turns light through air test structure, each piece melts in your mouth … Bread luxury – that’s what it means in the translation of the name of Italian Easter cake “Panettone”.

EASTER: TOP 5 MOST delicious recipes

EASTER: TOP 5 MOST delicious recipes. 1. Vanilla Easter INGREDIENTS: ● 0.5 liters of milk, ● 1 pinch of vanillin, ● 1 pinch of salt, ● 8 tablespoons of honey, ● 6 eggs, ● 1 mango, ● 1 orange, ● Pinch of cinnamon

Imperial Easter.

INGREDIENTS 1.2 kg of cottage cheese 250 g butter 10 egg yolks 150 g of powdered sugar 100 g of roasted cashew nuts 100g peeled roasted almonds 100 g of candied orange peels 100 g dried pears 100 g of dried apricots 60 g of dark and light small raisins 120-150 ml of rum 2 […]

8 natural dyes for Easter eggs.

In order to paint the beautiful eggs for Easter, not necessarily to buy expensive, artificial colorings, which often penetrate into the product. You can make dyes from natural ingredients, which you will easily find in the kitchen or in the shop. Prior to paint eggs, thoroughly wash them with baking soda and wipe with vinegar.

Dry dough for pies.

Dry dough is prepared without any liquid products. Only the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, vanilla and margarine (or butter). This dough resembles the consistency of its chips, and in the process of baking products with it soaked the juices from the filling (filling should therefore be very liquid), and it turns out tender and […]