Easter tree Volker Kraft

If at Christmas to decorate the Christmas tree, why not have a tradition to decorate trees in Easter? After Easter – this is also a great Christian holiday, which could well have its own version of the popular Christmas tree. Probably about as reasoned German Volker Kraft (Volker Kraft) and began to correct it finds injustice. After many years of effort it is possible to say with certainty: Easter tree there!

Volker Kraft saw the first Easter tree in 1945, as a young boy. It was traditional for Germany Osterbaum – branch or tree, decorated with colored eggs. At that moment, Volker was determined that when he grows up, he will also be similar to an Easter symbol. Our hero has kept this promise to yourself, and in 1965, when he was married, has decorated his first tree using 18 colored plastic eggs.

However, planted a tree in the garden grew rapidly, and within a few years have required much more eggs for its decoration. Volker could not afford to use so many of these eggs, so he and his wife were doing in the shell holes, released from their content that is used in cooking dishes and shells painted and hung on the tree.

When couples have grown up children, they are also involved in the work to create the Easter tree, and soon it became a family tradition that made Kraft known not only in their hometown Saalfeld, but also in the whole of Germany.

When the children grew up and left home, Easter Tradition might well disappear, but that, fortunately, did not happen. Now the grandchildren come to Volker Kraft on every Easter and decorate the tree continues to grow. In 2010, 9,500 eggs needed for decorating Easter tree!






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