Easter curd custard.

Easter Cottage cheese – a traditional sweet treat that is made to prepare for the light of Christ’s Resurrection, can be prepared in two ways: hot and cold. When cold-products used for dessert, not thermally processed, and when hot after mixing components Easter mass boil to a simmer initial stage – that is, until the first bubbles.

It is estimated that more Easter custard delicate taste and aroma, and the so-called “raw” Easter better retain the original flavor of cheese. If you want to cook delicate curd Easter brew, then this recipe should take note.


1 kg of cheese

100 g butter

6 eggs

1 cup of sugar

1/2 cup sour cream and sweet syrup


candied fruit

Cooking method:

Cottage cheese through a sieve or blender to break.

Beat eggs with sugar until fluffy, add cottage cheese with sour cream, melted butter unheated, syrup or jam, prepared dried fruit, candied fruit and mix.

Put the resulting mass to low heat and simmer until the initial stage of boiling – as soon as the first bubbles remove from heat.
Pasochnitsu lay a damp gauze, folded in several layers, put the cooked weight (to cool it to a warm state), the edges of gauze to cover the Passover and the top side of this set on her weight (for example, a bottle of water).

Pasochnitsu put in a deep container, which will drain the whey, put into the refrigerator for a day.

The finished cottage cheese Easter brew gently get out pasochnitsy and garnish to taste.

Good luck cooking!
The syrup can be used as jams or any other similar additives.

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