Easter baking: the world’s masterpieces

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Easter baking: the world’s masterpieces

Bright Easter holiday, a happy, long-awaited and family. Especially pleased rebyatnya holiday – they have sown grass for gnezdyshek, which was packed painted Easter eggs, and wait – never see my mother’s cakes – fragrant, sweet, sweet with sugar and colored tops Topping and decorations. And if our hostess ready to please their home? Moms different countries these days preparing their friends and family are real masterpieces, baked and decorated them with special diligence and love, because the sample can be only once a year – at Easter.

In the Russian tradition in almost every home soon whiff of fragrant baking – shall bake cakes and make sweet cottage cheese Easter. In France – its Easter cakes, and in almost every region of the country is very special: pancakes in the Auvergne, in Savoy wicker basket with red egg, horse-cakes in Touraine. Italian housewives begin oven Easter dove – Cupcake Colombo.


And from the Spanish kitchen windows pulled an incredible aroma of juicy pie with a delicious Hornazo multilayered filling of ham, pork, beef and eggs! His baked or very large size for the whole family or as chickens and pigs – for treats.


You can try it yourself and bake. Special recipe does not need to – take normal yeast dough and place layers of filling, as in the photo.


The most amazing and beautiful cakes for Easter family waiting sitsiliekcassata, Easter dessert that brought worldwide fame island of Sicily! It is a real miracle of confectionary art – candied fruits, ricotta, pistachio, chocolate pieces and all this peresloeno biscuits soaked in liqueur, whipped cream and decorated with chocolate icing. Impossible to describe how it is delicious!



Greek hostess at Easter bake special bread – tsoureki. If you decide to bake, it will be a good addition to the traditional cake and decorate your table. Let’s try? Even if you think that the work with the test is not your thing, be sure to try to bake Tsoureki of the finished pastry. You will only add to it a little bit and place.


Greek Easter Bread


5 large eggs
about 1 kg of flour
1 1/4 Art. Sahara
300-400 g of butter (melted and cooled)
1 1/2 Art. warm milk
2 packets of yeast
1 tsp salt
boiled eggs (painted and conventional)
sesame seeds for sprinkling
1 lemon
candied citrus

Cooking method
Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add a little flour and a pinch of salt and knead the brew. Lemon parboiled and grate only the crust. Beat the eggs lightly with sugar, melted and cooled butter. Sift all the flour and add the lemon zest and candied fruit. Knead the dough on a sponge and allow a good approach (about an hour and a half), then knead again and let go again.

Divide dough into three (or four) parts. Roll out the dough strands and weave braid. If you decide to make a wreath, then connect the ends of the braids in the ring, and if in the form of bread, then on top of the braid lay fourth harness, bit it unroll. Coat the surface of the bread with beaten egg or strong sweet tea and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Then generously lubricate the hard-boiled (unpainted) eggs with vegetable oil and a good dent in the dough. Bake about 45 minutes in the preheated oven. Remove the bread from the oven and replace eggs on painted. The number of eggs for decoration depends on your desire, one in the center, a few in a circle or along a loaf of bread. I’m sure in your home this Easter recipe will appeal to all, especially children!

Have you ever been in England for Easter? If yes, then you probably lucky to try the famous Easter Simnel Cake!


Do you happen to know how to cook it? Maybe share your favorite recipes for Easter?

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