Dutch roll.

Dutch roll.

The main thing – to keep in the recipe mustard and pickles – they create a piquant charm of the roll.


голланский рулет

• pack puff pastry
• Ham
• Tomato
• pickles
• cheese
• Mustard
• Egg
• Herbs and spices: black pepper, oregano, marjoram, basil.

1. The dough is rolled and smeared with mustard.

2. Three Cheese, tomato, ham and cucumbers cut into small cubes.

3. We spread the stuffing in the middle of the strip test: first, the cheese, then the rest of the cheese and again.

4. Sprinkle with pepper and very little herbs.

5. We turn off roll and carefully passed on to a baking sheet.

6. Grease a raw egg rolls – for the golden color, and abundantly sprinkle with herbs – for flavor.

Bake until cooked.

7. Possible variation:

Ham can be replaced by any other meat product, was at hand: sausage of any kind, even sausages.

8. With a strong desire can even replace it with slices of roast meat, chicken, pork – what you want.

9. Tomato perfectly replaced pepper.

10. But it is possible and it’s great to combine them in one rolls.

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