Duck magret with drunken pear and cranberry-rosemary sauce.

for ducks:
-337 Gr Magret duck breast
-9gr Flower honey
-8gr Soy sauce
-6gr Garlic
-melnitsa with a mixture of five peppers

sauce (w Set 3 servings):
-177gr Dry red wine
-126gr Sauce Wild cranberries
-6gr Rosemary

for drunken pear:
-210gr Pear Conference
-250gr Dry white wine
-250gr Dry red wine
-50gr Cane sugar
-2gr Clove buds
-4gr Allspice pepper
-3gr Cinnamon bark

-30gr Mix lettuce leaves (chard, arugula, lettuce, Friess, tattsoy)
-5gr Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooking method:      
1. Set products for drunken pears: Conference pear, sugar cane Demerara, dry red wine, dry white wine, cinnamon bark, clove buds, sweet pepper.

2. In a saucepan, combine white wine, 25g of sugar and cinnamon stick. In another saucepan, combine red wine, 25g of sugar, sweet bell pepper and clove buds.
Place the casserole on the fire and bring the contents to the boil.
Pear peel, trim the bottom of the fruit for stability. Cut the pear slices with a thickness of 5-6mm. Dip into boiling pear wine alternating tab (top 1 slice of red wine in the 2nd — white, 3rd — red, etc.). Boil until cooked pear and keep in a warm syrup to feed (pear served warm). It is important not to digest the pear!

3. Set products for duck and sauce: duck breast Magret, Wild Cranberry Sauce by Darbo, dry red wine, floral honey, soy sauce, rosemary, garlic, a mill with a mixture of five peppers.

4. Strip the fillets from the films. The skin make cuts in a lattice without affecting the meat.

5. Marinate fillets in soy sauce, honey and powdered mixture of five peppers for 15 minutes.

6. Fry the breast (lay skin side down) on a dry and red-hot frying pan on both sides until golden-red color scheme, add crushed garlic knife blade (~ 3 minutes maximum fire).

7. Transfer the breast to form refractory (remove the garlic from the pan, reduce the heat, but do not remove from the heat). Cover the form with breast with foil and place in a preheated up to t = 180 ° C oven for 7 minutes.

8. The pan deglaziruyte wine, scraping plaque from the walls and bottom of a wooden spatula. Add the rosemary.

9. Next, add the cranberry sauce. Boiled over medium heat until the loss in the amount of 1/3. Remove the rosemary sauce and keep warm before the filing.

10. Pear fold in a sieve and blot with paper towels. Gather the bulb, giving it its original shape and then set on a serving plate.
Around the pear slices lay hot mix and duck breast salad leaves dressed with olive oil.

11. Serve with cranberry sauce.

The excellent combination of juicy duck breast with pear. Alternating layers of pear individual, each layer has its own flavor and aroma.
You can prepare your own cranberry sauce: cranberries 200gr -150gr water -50gr sugar.
In a small saucepan, bring to a boil the water, sprinkle in 150g cranberries and sugar. Cook the sauce to a thick consistency, crushing the berries with a wooden spoon.
Wipe sauce through a sieve with small cell, add 50g of fresh berries cranberries, and then warm up on the quiet fire.

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