• Chicken drumstick – 12 pcs.
• Pineapple – 1 pc.
• Brown sugar – 2 tablespoons
• Cheese – 100 g
• Corn flour – for breading
• Vegetable oil – for frying
• Salt – to taste
• pepper – to taste
• Wooden toothpicks – packaging

1. Prepare the ingredients.
2. Peel the pineapple and cut it into small wedges. Since fillets shin significantly less breast fillet, then the slices of filling should be cut smaller to be able to neatly wrap and tie the fillets.
3. Cut the cheese into cubes.
4. Lightly repel fillets, salt and pepper on both sides.
5. Put the stuffing on the edge of the fillet.
6. wrap rolls. You can seal the roll with a toothpick or tie a rope food. It is important that at the time of preparation not emerged cheese.
7. Roll the rolls in corn flour.
8. Put the rolls on a heated pan with oil.
9. Fry to a confident brown over high heat.
10. In the meantime, take a pineapple sauce. Peremel remaining pineapple in a blender. Add sugar to it. Mix well.
11. Pour the sauce into a baking dish.
12. Put the chicken rolls in it and send it in a preheated oven 200ᵒ C for 15 minutes.
13. Serve hot with pineapple sauce.

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