Dr. Red currant: it prevents heart attacks and eliminates blood clots

Dr. Red currant: it prevents heart attacks and eliminates blood clots

Less popular, as distinct from its “black” sister, red currant – a true discovery of useful substances that can help a person with heart disease and blood.

In berries red currant contains 4-11% sugar (mainly glucose and fructose), organic acids 2.4% (most lemon), tannins, pectin and dyes, phenolic compounds, mineral salts, vitamin C (30 mg%) , B, PP, H, B |, Br, Bs, Wb, Bd.

Dr. Red currant

Collegiate berry – medicine

In Russia, redcurrants mentioned since ancient times in the old songs and epics, and, according to the chronicles, it was diluted with monasteries already in the XI century. Monastic gardeners and pharmacists already prized berries and currant leaves not only a tasty product, but also as a natural medicine.

It has long been observed that a concentrated jelly, tea from the dried fruit and leaves to stop heart attacks, facilitates “otvorenie blood”, which in ancient times by the patient at an elevated pressure. It was found that the berries red currant exceptionally high levels of coumarin. What is coumarin? This natural remedy for the prevention of elevated blood clotting and heart attacks associated with the formation of blood clots.

Coumarins red currants from 2.5 to 4.4 mg%, m. E. Substantially more than black currants and gooseberries. On the content of coumarin redcurrants catches figs and pomegranates.

No less important is the fact that the red currants and include a lot of pectin, which bind and excrete various harmful substances, including radioactive and counteract their negative impact.

The amount of iodine in the berries red currant reaches 5¬6 mg% and is not inferior to imported record holder feijoa.

Juices and fruit drinks made from red currant berries, good thirst quencher, eliminate nausea and suppresses vomiting, possess strong antiseptic properties. Since ancient times currant kvass given to pregnant women with a strong toxicosis.

Redcurrant juice is extremely useful for colds, t. To. Is a strong diaphoretic and antipyretic, especially for children. He has quite a strong diuretic effect, promotes excretion of salts of the body, which is very important in the treatment of patients pochechno¬kamennoy disease and gout.

In addition, this berry improves metabolism in diabetes. Red currant slightly weak stomach, so useful for people suffering from chronic constipation. And finally, the juice of red currants improves appetite, increases efficiency, enhances the activity of the stomach and intestines. He also has choleretic, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect.

Red currant is very useful for children and diet, people with low acidity of gastric juice. The juice of red currants easily pressed and after pasteurization can be used as a valuable dietary product throughout the winter.

The berries of red currant, raspberry leaves and lemongrass, you can prepare for the winter a great tonic tea chudodeystvie you feel especially at the beginning of the year and in the spring.
Separately should be dried for each of its preparation berries and leaves from each other and grind into a powder, then mix all the ingredients in equal parts. For tea it is necessary to pour boiling water for 2 hours. L. powder and 2 h. L. sugar and infuse as tea.

And the juice of red currants – ancient cosmetic for skin care, removing age spots and freckles.

And treat

Red currants can decorate and diversify your table. Because it turns out a wonderful jelly, juice refreshing, bright sauce for meat and fish dishes, delicious desserts vitamin, dessert soup, a sweet liqueur, and even liquor.

Red currant blends with other berries – raspberries, black currants, fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and avocados, dairy products.

In the Nordic countries the red currant fruit is used as an ingredient of soups and puddings. In Germany, it is administered in combination with custard or meringue as a filling for cakes.

Also in the European and Balkan cuisine is very popular sweet and sour sauce krasnosmorodinovy meat, especially game. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, the menu expensive restaurants you can see the breast of wild duck with currant sauce, venison saddle in krasnomorodinovom sauce and many more variations.

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