Dinner for two

Dinner for two
The most romantic gourmet restaurants.

By what would the scenario did not develop Valentine’s Day, the culmination of the festival becomes a dinner in some newfangled restaurant. Especially for Valentine’s Day found on the gastronomic map of such places, where haute cuisine organically adjacent to the romance.

Le Chantecler.

Nice, France
Romanticism Factor: 8.5

In the ranking of the most romantic restaurants should definitely be a place in France. Suitable institution is on the French Riviera. Le Chantecler is located in the famous Hotel Negresco. The interior of the reigns classical motifs in the spirit of the 18th century, the kitchen well – Chef Jean-Denis Reblan. Under a situation kitchen differs refinement and subtlety of flavors. This culinary maestro does without complex gastronomic compositions and creates his dishes from simple ingredients, adding them to the author’s note.

The French Laundry.

Yontvill, USA
Washington St
Romanticism Factor: 8



French cuisine restaurant French Laundry is located in a half-hour drive from San Francisco in the town Yontvill. Its name means in translation “French Laundry” institution inherited from the present facilities, located in a building in the 20s of the last century. An authentic atmosphere complements the haute cuisine by chef Thomas Keller. Adept organic cuisine traces the origin of all the products available in the restaurant, and transforms them into real masterpieces, as decoration in no way inferior objects of modern art.


Carmen Aben Humeya.

Granada, Spain
Romanticism Factor: 8



Restaurant Carmen Aben Humeya can not boast Michelin stars nor the eminent chef. Place in our list, the institution has provided the location and unrivaled views of the Alhambra fortress. The restaurant is located in the gardens of houses Aben Umeå, a 15-century building, made in the Moorish style. Historical heritage cook Aben Humeya complement the gastronomic traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.



Los Gatos, United States
Romanticism Factor: 7



The kitchen of the restaurant resembles a secret chemical laboratory, similar to the one that was located within the walls of the cult «El Bulli». With all this fantastic equipment skillfully manages one of the founders of molecular gastronomy – David Kinch. Guests of the restaurant chef offers a seasonal and a tasting menu that included homely comfort.



Yarpen, Sweden
Romanticism Factor: 7



Restaurant, regularly ranked in the list of the best restaurants in the world according to various publications, the owner and chef Magnus Nilsson arranged in an old storehouse for grain. The same rural interior philosophy he Perez at the plate: food in the restaurant it comes with its own garden, and land from a nearby forest after a successful hunt. Among the export products are probably the only seafood that the chef buys at the nearest port.

Chicago, USA
Romanticism Factor: 6

The restaurant name was chosen not without reason – it is meant to reveal the concept of space. After several months of chef Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas fully reviewing the menu and radically alter the overall theme. For example, the theme of this season were the steaks. In addition to the original culinary concept restaurant has an unusual system of payment: to get to the restaurant, guests must buy a ticket, the price of which includes food and non-alcoholic beverages. On regular tickets go on sale restaurant says on his page on facebook.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Factor Romanticism: 5



Noma restaurant with enviable regularity headed various ratings and guides the best restaurants in the world. The place is so popular that it is necessary to book a table here for a few months, and if I had guests for some reason refuse the booking, the chef Rene Redzepi immediately report it to his Twitter account. The interior in Scandinavian style and an abundance of wood set a romantic mood. However, it can easily be spoiled, if unsuccessful choose a dish, because along with the traditional ingredients the chef uses a very exotic components, such as moss or ants to grasshoppers.

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