Desserts – the top of the culinary arts.

Desserts – the top of the culinary arts.

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How to make a gelatinous bubbles (balls) to decorate cupcakes cake and other pastries. (This same technique can be used to the balls of chocolate and frostinga)

Balls are made very simple and impressive look amazing!

1.Itak, the first thing we need is an ordinary inflatable balls of small diameter, if these do not find a purchase of any size rubber band and tie the diameter of which is necessary.
2. Gelatin (prepared according to the instruction) + dye.
3.Okunaem on all sides by our bulbs in gelatin. Depending on how many times you dip them – will be different color saturation and transparency. For example, if dip 1 time will be almost transparent ball with a touch of the dye. if 2 times with a saturated etc.
4. reserve balls in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
5. We get the balls, and pierce a rubber ball with scissors. Air will be released and you can easily loose gelatinous balls from the rubber mold.
Decoration ready!

Note: On the palate, no bubbles, a gelatin and water; if you do not add sugar or something else, they will perform only a decorative purpose, since there they are not very tasty.

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