Dessert “Strawberries in the snow”.

Dessert “Strawberries in the snow”.

Incredibly delicious dessert. This dessert will be delighted not only children!


клубника под снегом


3 Art. l. gelatin 1 tbsp. water;
-0.5 L. 1 tablespoon sour cream. vanilla sugar;
-klubnika (can be a banana or kiwi)

Cooking method:

1.Zhelatin cover with water and set aside.

2.Smetanu mixed with sugar and vanilla (which is mixed rather than whisking, then gentle and air out).

3.Zhelatin put on the fire and stir constantly until smooth (do not bring to a boil). Then pour in a thin stream to the sour cream, stirring thoroughly.

4. In the form of (to put cling film, if you upload) expanded strawberries and pour the jelly mass. To cool in the refrigerator.

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