Dessert “Enjoyment”

Dessert “Enjoyment”

десерт наслаждение

-1 Layer:
100ml milk
1 tbsp gelatin
200 g of cottage cheese
1-2 tablespoons sugar (to taste)
Soak gelatin in milk, let stand for 30 minutes so that it swollen. With constant stirring, heat until dissolved (do not boil).
Curd beat blender with sugar. Stir well and put in a mold.
Put in the fridge to pour.

-2 Layer, layer 3:
Jelly with Fruits
200 ml fruit drink (juice) + Spoon gelatin + 1st Class 1st Class L sugar (to taste)
(I took on this form of 600ml)

The juice pour the gelatin and gave swell.
Add the sugar, brought to a boil, do not boil.
Cool and poured into a mold on cheese 1/3 Morse with gelatin.
It lays the berries, but can be any fruit.

When the juice frozen layers repeated with the addition of berries.
And again in the refrigerator.

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