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Where to eat in Holland?

Traditional apple pie. An authentic Dutch recipe.

Beginning of the 16th century, we find the first confirmed proof – the recipe of the traditional apple pie with raisins in the cookbook “Een notabel boexken van cokeryen” in 1514, while the cooks used almost all the local products, with a small addition of imported colonial spices such as vanilla or cinnamon.

Tasting the delicious home-made cake go to the estate of Dutch Counts van Linden, which is prepared so far for authentic traditional recipe. Usually it is served with coffee, adding whipped cream.


Of course, I want to repeat this apple pie home.


Servings: 8-10

muka- 400 grams
zest of 1 lemon
juice of 1 lemon
Egg – 1 piece
salt on the tip of a knife
butter – 250 grams
sugar -200 grams
Cheese – 200 grams
sweet-sour apples -5 pieces
cinnamon for the filling – to taste

How to make:
Cut apple slices, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and leave for 2 hours, until the apples will not let the juice. Steamed raisins with hot water and leave for half an hour. Take the egg, separate the white from the yolk protein use for the preparation of dough and yolk to wash the top of the cake before baking.

Lemon rubbed on a fine grater, to get the zest (if you do not have ready-made lemon peel). Then squeeze the juice. A pack of butter, lightly mash with a rolling pin for the elasticities. In a separate container, mix 400 g of flour and 200 g butter, add salt to the tip of a knife. Put the butter entirely and cut with a knife inside the tank to happen krohkoe shortbread dough. Add the egg white and lemon juice. Knead. You can knead the dough by hand, or to the rapidity of the process using a blender.


The finished dough wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for an hour. While the dough in the refrigerator, prepare a form for pie baking. I use a diameter of 24 cm, grease well with oil inside. Now you can do it testom.Dostaem from the refrigerator and roll out in a layer thickness of not more than 1-1.5 cm.

With our split shapes cut out of the dough circle, which will be our cake bottom. Carved out of the circle put the dough on the bottom of the form, from the remaining pie dough form a wall. Do not forget to 1 \ 3 of the test leave to decorate the top. Drain the water out of the raisins. Once the dough is fully covered our form for baking, we start at the bottom of the form in neat rows to lay out slices of apple, and on top of each row of neatly put raisins. Once the form is filled start to the final stage of preparation.

Of dough cut out neat strips 2 cm wide, I think, 8 bars will be enough. Spread the strips on the apple filling crosswise lightly pressing on the edge of the pie, shake a fork or whisk the yolk with 1 tbsp. spoon of warm water and grease grill. Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Bake the cake in the preheated oven for about an hour.


once the apple pie is ready, remove it from the oven, grease 2 tablespoons of apricot jam and leave to cool in the form of half an hour. Can be served with tea or coffee. Bon Appetit!

Arkhemskie girls. Tea biscuit.
Meet arhnemskie girls. Puff Dutch tea biscuits. The dream of any housewife, because to cook for half an hour at minimum cost.


Servings: 10 to 12
puff pastry -450 g
sugar – 250 grams
koritsa- 0.5 teaspoon
Cardamom – 0.5 teaspoon

Mix sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, and in a separate container. Take ready puff pastry and roll. Cut circles from the dough form. Rolling pin to make them in the form of an oval. Sprinkle with a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and cardamom. Roll once on top of the mixture.
Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Put the cookies on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Bake for 15-20 minutes until golden brown.

Enjoy your tea!

Vitamin salad.


Dutch – fans of a healthy lifestyle: daily velopoezdki at work, school, shopping, every family is always on the table vegetable dishes: soups, salads, appetizers, stews. I propose to include in a weekly diet that’s so simple, but yet very healthy salad.

Time cooking salad: 10 minutes
Servings: 2

For 4 servings, increase the amount of ingredients in half.

ripe tomatoes – 2 pieces
olive oil – 2 tbsp. spoons
1 bunch radishes
1 cucumber
salt to taste
black pepper to taste



Rinse radishes, tomatoes and cucumber, wet paper moisture salfetkami.U radish leaves and remove the roots, cut into thin plates. Tomatoes cut into slices. Cucumber cut into thin slices. All the ingredients are well mixed in a bowl. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Bon Appetit!

Pork Rieti.

It turns retsetu stew, Rieti as it is known in Europe for more than 500 years. The mention of “pig jam” –brune confiture de cochon– appears in cookbooks castle de Haar, obvious French influence of the family of Baron van Zyaulena-Rothschild, or rather a family cook.

Recipe came to the Netherlands from France during the reign of Napoleona, and quickly caught on in connection with the preparation of simplicity, taste and availability of ingredients. Prepare rieyt could not only from meat, poultry and fish but. Refrigerators since then has not yet invented.


pork (neck of pork, brisket, shoulder, loin) -1.5 kg
lard (can be substituted for podcherevok, abdominal fat) – 1 kg
dry white wine – 350 ml
bay leaves – 5 pieces
garlic – 6 cloves
black pepper – 10 pieces
large salt – 2 tbsp
sprigs of cumin – 3-4 pieces
sprigs rozmarina- 2 pieces
carnation – 5 pieces
coriander – to taste


For the preparation of Rieti – corned beef, we need a cast-iron pan, saucepan, kettle or pan with thick walls for long stewing meat. Cut the fat and meat, I took the shoulder blade and neck of pork, large pieces, in the bottom of the cast-iron cauldron (I Le Croisette and I am very pleased with them), spread a layer of chopped large (3-4 cm) pieces of bacon, 2 bay leaves, finely chopped garlic and a few peas black pepper, a couple of pieces of cloves spices.

The next layer of lay sliced pork into large chunks (blocks 3-4 cm), put on top of finely chopped garlic, ground coriander and a few peas black pepper, a couple of pieces of cloves spices, repeat until not put all the meat in the pan. On the top layer put sprigs of rosemary, thyme, sprinkle with coriander. We put on a slow fire torment \ simmer, pour dry white wine.


Meat should languish \ stew on the fire for at least 4-5 hours, until the meat fibers will not separate and all the fat is melted.

Do not forget to prepare banks for the storage of our Rieti. I sterializuyu hot steam procedure is quite simple and you can use any hostess. On the fire put the water as soon as it boils, the edges of the pan close bars, and the bars put itself open jars upside down and put the lid. Sterializatsiya cans takes place within 10 minutes. Then I shift the neck down sterile jars on a clean towel and give the banks to cool.

While they cool, gently shift the prepared meat in a large bowl, where with the help of two forks divide into tiny fibers, I salt and pepper to taste. Then I mixed well and laid out in Riet clean sterililnye banks, water formed during the quenching liquid fat. Sprinkle the top with finely chopped green onions. I close the lid.
Riet is ready, put it in the refrigerator or a cool dark dry place.


Bon Appetit and delicious feast!

Spring rolls with smoked beef, avocado, cucumber, green onion, black pepper and coriander.

Fusion is the style, which is characterized by a new Dutch cuisine from any other European, no one, as the Dutch, do not know how to combine the seemingly incompatible ingredients and flavor combinations, they honor their traditions, but not alien to new ideas, even a little crazy. Are you ready?

In a bowl with cold water to soak for thirty seconds a sheet of rice paper. Transfer to a cutting board wide. In the center of each sheet of rice paper to put parsley. Cucumber cut into thin strips, and the same to put on top of parsley a few thin straws cucumber.
Clean the avocado and cut it into thin poloskami.Sverhu on parsley and cucumber put two slices of thinly sliced smoked beef. Pepper to taste. On the tip of a knife add coriander.
Slices of avocado on top with slices of beef, sprinkle with chopped green onions. Drizzle with sauce Japanese sesame (Japanese sesame sauce)
Fold each sheet of thick roll and cut across diagonally in half. Repeat the process with the remaining rolls.


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