Danish fish sandwich

240 kcal 1 sandwich

►Redis 50 g
►Ogurtsy 100 g
►Sol ¼ tsp
►Limonny juice 5ml
►Ukrop 15 g
►Luk green 10 g
►Luk onions (100g) ¼ pieces.
►Tvorog low-fat 60 g
►Semga salted 100g
►Hleb rye 150 g

Finely chopped fresh herbs: dill, chives, onions. Add soft cottage cheese and mix blender. If the cheese will be dryish, you can add a little cream.
Cut rye bread loaf crosswise, the ideal option would Borodino bread with caraway seeds, spread with cheese mass, put a layer of radishes, then a layer of cucumber, then slice finely chopped salted salmon.
These sandwiches are very easily and quickly prepared for breakfast and as a snack on the holiday table.


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