Czech and cooking.

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Czech and cooking.

The country where women do not go during the day in high heels. At Christmas you can meet the cheerful company of the local Santa Claus, hell and angels, and did not find stray animals (any cat – someone just went Affairs) on any day of the year. Dashing Svejk and Franz Kafka, a small Krotek and Golden voice of Karel Goth, as well as famous beers and cake Prague. Today we go to their country – the Czech Republic!

Country: Czech Republic

Official name: Czech Republic

Czech Republic on the world map: a country in Central Europe, formed after the “velvet divorce” with Slovakia. It shares borders with Poland to the north, Germany to the northwest and west, Austria to the south and Slovakia – in the east. The capital of the Czech Republic – Prague.

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The feed here

It would be better not to start with the words “what is fed,” and “how delicious eat here!”

Many of the best recipes of European cuisine were born in the Czech Republic, the taste of her dishes close to our culinary preferences, but they are seasoned hospitality unique. No wonder they say here: “Edible and drinking – the basis of all things!”. Which of Czech dishes can be called the “hallmark” of the local cuisine? The first place for popularity are the favorite dishes of the Good Soldier Schweik: beer, dumplings and sausages and bagels. No beer at the table at all impossible to do, and the dumplings …

Dumplings! Svejk was ready to eat them whole bowl with pork and cabbage as much as two.

This is a separate dish, and garnish, and even dessert. Dumplings are potato, wheat and of stale bread. They are served and slices and filled with stuffing. imagine Czech cuisine without dumplings is not possible.

These are good roast pork and cabbage – sour, fresh and even sweetened.

In second place is packed with roast beef, which is served sliced slices with creamy carrot sauce, flavored with cranberry jam and parsley and a slice of lemon.

Bramboriki, utopentsy and nakladany Hermelin – sounds like the names of the heroes of fairy tales or cartoons. This delicious snack!

Bramboriki – pancakes made from raw potatoes, mixed with slices of salami and seasoned with garlic and marjoram. Nakladany Hermelin – marinated slices of cheese with peppers, fried in breadcrumbs rusks. A utopentsy – a delicious grilled sausages.

Cheese is generally the most favorite snack to beer – this special “beer cheese”. Kotrry spread on bread with mustard and onion, and olomuse sireski – especially aromatic cheese, served fried or pickled.


Meat dishes of Czech cuisine will please fans eat their thoroughness – braised pork, roast goose, hot rolls all kinds, fried rabbit and roast venison. What more could you want to dine, how to? Maybe baked or marinated trout card? Or the set of “omachek” – sauces and gravies, huddled on the table among the main courses? Tomato, sour cream, Znojmo with pickles, horseradish, onion, dill ….

Do not forget about the traditional soups, purees and pastes, sausages and knuckle, potato shkubankah, Prague salad, cabbage and pheasant on Bohemian, pork in beer, Karlovy Vary rolls and rolls of venison.

Dessert and drinks

For desserts, you can include all of the same famous dumplings in their version of the fruit: plums, strawberries and peaches. Breaded in a potato dough and fried until crisp, served with grated cheese, butter, sugar and ground poppy seeds are superb and as a main dish. Very common fruit dumplings, which are mainly made from plums.

Rolls-Kolache biscuits with cheese or berry filling, zavyvantsi (or Judas) with raisins and cinnamon, Czech walnut cake, poppy-honey cakes, strepachki and vannochki – a sweet tooth have something to eat!

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What about the Czech beverages? Czechs say: “Think of yourself, if you do not see a beer in front of him.” Czech beer has been, is and always will be the main drink in this country. Yes here and drink coffee, tea, juices and strong drinks, but beer – beer is.

National dishes


Do not try Czech dumplings – it did not figure in the local cuisine. They may be first, second and third courses. From wheat, cottage cheese or potato dough from stale bread with “omachkami” (sauces) and fruit – is the cornerstone and the holy of holies. How to say Ukrainian dumplings or Italian pasta.



5-6 medium potatoes
100 g smoked bacon
100 g onion
200 g smoked meat
2 eggs
50 g semolina
200g wholemeal flour
salt and pepper to taste
2 onions, bacon frying and sauerkraut for garnish
Boil the potatoes and cool slightly, chopped bacon and onions and fry a little, along with smoked meat, cut into cubes. Add salt and pepper and mix with grated on a fine grater potato. Add eggs, salt, semolina, knead and add the flour.
Once again mix well and roll the dough into a sausage. To cut the potato dough into small balls, put the stuffing inside of the frying and cook them for 10-15 minutes in a little salted water. Serve sprinkled with fried in lard onion and cabbage. As a filling you can use mushrooms fried with onions.

Kolache (rolls with fillings)


600-650 g of flour
1 package dry yeast
160ml milk
1 / st. oils
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp lemon peel
1 tsp salt
½ tsp nutmeg

For filling: ground poppy seeds, canned cherries or apricots (you can take a thick jam), 1 egg and 1 tablespoon milk (to wash), powdered sugar

Mix 2 cups flour, yeast and nutmeg. In the warm milk, melt the butter, sugar and salt. Pour the milk mixture into the flour and knead the dough. Add milk mixture to flour, to drive the egg, add the vanilla and zest. Knead the dough and give it a go one hour.

Then put on the table to pour the flour and knead, adding the remaining flour until elastic. Roll the dough into a ball and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. To cut the dough into two pieces and roll out a thickness of not more 1 cm, cut into squares of 10 * 10 cm. Full teaspoon of the filling placed in the center of each square, moisten your fingers with water and formed into rolls, connecting the opposite ends of the square.

Put the rolls on a greased baking sheet, let them rise for 30 minutes, brush with beaten egg with milk and bake for about 15 minutes until golden brown. Cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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