Curry language with pumpkin and pineapple



Language swine – 3 pcs .;
onions, leeks;
coconut milk;
soy sauce;
green onion;
curry paste;
sunflower oil;
Sesame oil.

Cooking metnod:

1.Snachala language should cook
2.Poka language brewed, give fruits and vegetables in the divided state.
3.Yazyk svarilsya.Zalivaem cold water.
4.Mozhno start curry. I heat the mixture of sunflower and sesame oils. I fried leeks. To him I throw the pumpkin, chili, ginger, garlic and curry paste.
5.Vsё fry together for about five minutes, and then I throw a pineapple.
6.Vlivayu coconut milk, soy sauce and leave to simmer gently until the liquid is reduced by one third, and the sauce did not acquire a creamy consistency. I try … delicious!
7.Nu and final stage. Dispatched sauce tongue, we warm up, refreshing green onions … and voila!
It remains only to arrange a plate.
And sends the language where it deposits a legitimate right in the mouth.
Enjoy! And thank you for your time.

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