Curd Pudding

Curd Pudding.

творожный пудинг

-cheese 500g.
-krupa6-7 tbsp semolina with a slide 150g.
-350 ml of milk.
-Eggs 4 pcs.
-sugar 150g.
-vanilla to taste
-zest of 1 limonapo desire to taste
-izyumpo optional 50g.

• In cold milk spread ground semolina. Stir
• welded until thick (about 5 minutes or less)
• Cool (after cooling the mass is strongly thickened, as it should be)
• whipped yolks with 100g of sugar and poured into cottage cheese, vanilla added
Whipped mixer
• Add the chilled cream of mass again fluffed mixer
• Separately whipped whites with the remaining 50g sugar and add to the dough
• Put in a greased stretch. oil form
• Bake in a preheated 380 F oven until browning.
How can eat the pudding to cool. Very tasty with cream.

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