Curd dessert with currants

Curd dessert with currants.

творожный дес со смородиной

Mix black and white currants on 2 servings 0.5 cup
Cottage cheese 200g.
Sour cream 2 tbsp. l.
Sugar 2 tbsp. l.
Biscuits 2 pcs.

• Smorodin I washed with warm water to defrost slightly. Currant frozen loses its vitamins, so my dessert was not only delicious, but also very vitamin. Warm water is removed once cold, I shifted the berries in a bowl.
• Add the cottage cheese in a bowl. I took a low-fat.
• currants intermixed with cream cheese and sent everything in the blender bowl.
• Add the cream. Took 21% fat as curd was rather dry.
• Pour sugar. Adjust the amount thereof to taste. 2 tablespoons was enough, apparently, currants was not very acidic.
• All the blender to grind. 3 minute whisking to berries and cheese mix well, but there were small pieces of fruit.
• Took Martinka, decorated with sugar rim. She shifts in her dessert.
• As a powder for dessert use ordinary sugar cookies. He grinds it into crumbs, sprinkled along the contour dessert.
• Decorate the dessert at the end of mint and currant berries.

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