Curd Cupcakes “gentle”

Curd Cupcakes “gentle”.

• cottage cheese, 500g,
• 1 cup of sugar,
• Egg 3pc,
• cream-2st.l.,
• soda-1 / 2ch.l.,
• vanilla to taste
• flour (semolina) ~ 50g,
• dried apricots and candied fruit (raisins may be)

Cooking method:
Mix the cottage cheese with the sugar, add the egg and sour cream, mix well.
Then add the baking soda, vanilla and flour, stir again.
If using the raisins, then mix it with the right mix, and if I dried apricots and candied fruit, then arrange them nicely on top after spread the mixture on the muffin tins.
Bake at 190 C for 40 minutes until tender.
Very gently turns out!


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