Cupcake with cranberry and cashew cranberry fudge.


• Wheat flour 200g

• 180 g rice flour

• 1.5 tsp baking powder

• Butter 150g

• Sugar 180 g

• 1 packet vanilla sugar (8 g)

• Eggs 4 pcs. (C-O)

• Serum 300 ml.

• Cashews 100 g

• 100 g dried CRANBERRY


• White Chocolate 100g

• 4-5 tablespoons syrup CRANBERRY


Wash cranberries, prosushite.Smeshayte both types of flour + baking powder, add whole nuts and cranberries.

In the kneading bowl, beat soft butter with sugar and vanilla sugar, stir in the eggs one at a time, then -syvorotku (chilled, or 1% yogurt), it turns thick, creamy, spoon (shoulder blade), stir in the flour mixture with nuts and cranberries.

Baking dish (high cake pan, 25sm.vverhu, 14sm.vnizu, height 12 cm. = 2 liters), dense brush with butter, put the dough.

Oven 180-190 degrees and bake for 1 hour, during baking the top of the cake is sure to give «crack», check the readiness of cake (40-45 minutes) wooden skewers, dropping her to «crack» skewer must be dry.

The cooled cake cover cranberry sweet white chocolate smash, add 3 tbsp Cranberry syrup, melt in micro (20% = 3 minutes) or a water bath, stir the mixture until smooth (glossy) state, if the mixture is thickish, add more syrup (I «took» 5 tablespoons)

Apply sweet cranberry muffins on a 2-3 approach, podsushivaya each layer (10-15 minutes) .Dayte sweet to dry completely at room temperature (frozen sweet does not stick to the hand)

Cook fragrant, crumbly cake with bright taste of dried cranberries in the days of the New Year holidays.


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