Culinary world travel. Street gourmet

Culinary world travel. Street gourmet

Culinary world travel guide outstanding street food from around the world.

Traveling across countries and continents, people usually want the best way to learn the culture and customs of aboriginal possible. For this purpose, many are taught languages, visit local theaters, clubs, museums, parks, good restaurants with national cuisine, spending for such knowledge considerable sums. However, times have changed, and became fashionable modesty and prudence.

If while traveling to look at the virtuoso burritos, hot dogs, shawarma and a ban-mi, you can save money without sacrificing gastronomic experiences. And do not be confused by the low price and the total lack of sanitation – Steaklovers chose a few dishes and street food places where you can cheap, tasty and for the benefit of outlook taste traditional dishes of the peoples of the world, without fear to spoil the impression of an upset stomach.

  • Vietnam

Culinary world travel. Vietnam

Culinary world travel. Vietnam_2

We must start with the incredibly popular Vietnamese sandwich ban mi. That’s just best to try it at home, or better yet – in one single city – Ho Chi Minh City. It was there, according to experts, most sandwiches are tasty and safe.

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If, however, to be quite accurate, then buy a ban-E should be a trader, that every day up to 17 hours of trading on the street Nguye Trai 37. For a modest fee – about 30 cents, he skillfully stuffed crispy rolls made of rice flour with warm slices of roast pork, crispy pickled gherkins, spicy-sweet pickled carrots and daikon. All this is seasoned with coriander, Vietnamese mayonnaise and hot sauce.

  • Thailand

Culinary world travel. Thailand

Many variations to tickle their taste recipes can be found in Thailand. Feel free to head to Bangkok, where street Phaholyothin Soi 7 sell perfect inherently dish, which is the essence of taste.

The famous salad combines sweet, sour, spicy and salty notes and are still prepared according to authentic technology: immature papaya tolchetsya in a stone mortar, mixed with peanuts, dried shrimp, palm sugar, crisp, fish sauce, lime juice and all this “assorted” is packed in a plastic bag classic-order.

Traveling in Bangkok, you can try this salad in different variations, for example, some cooks replace the individual ingredients tomatoes and green beans, but the taste of this does not become worse and is remembered for a lifetime. It is a pity that the dish can not be played anywhere else, as the master carefully cherish recipes sauces.

  • Singapore

Lovers of Asian cuisine as a phenomenon in world culture certainly should visit Singapore, where you can taste any dishes, which only come to mind. It was there that converge in a single unit all Asian ethnicities – Chinese, Indonesians, Indians and Malaysians. All of them form a culinary dream team that can realize any gastronomic whim.

Culinary world travel. Singapore

Culinary world travel. Singapore_2


In this case all traders operate in strictly designated areas, which comply with all sanitary norms and their violation threatens severe sanctions. In Singapore, you can enjoy fish head curry, garlic pasta with crab salad, pineapple, cucumber, shrimp and Fink and many other things, what can only venture.

  • India

Culinary world travel. India

In the citadel of Buddhism – India – street vendors preparing salad with exotic name belpuri (bhel-puri), or chaat (chaat). Despite the strange part – soft rice, fried noodles, potatoes, red onion, cilantro chutney and figs, Belle Puri incredibly popular with tourists.

  • Mexico

Traveling to Mexico, do not deny yourself the pleasure to try the tacos – hot tortillas stuffed with minced meat, cheese, onions, beans in a spicy sauce. It is believed that such a hearty, delicious and convenient food in the road backed by Mexican cowboys. Best tacos should try in San Miguel de Allende – a small town with a colonial past.

Culinary world travel. Mexico

Culinary world travel. Mexico_2
Already in itself the process of cooking tacos – is a fascinating spectacle. The greatest successes it has achieved a chef who usually works and entertains onlookers at the corner of Calle de Mesones and Pepe Llanos. Order had tacos al pastor and enjoy the performance, during which the master is cleverly to chip pork grill, mix it with the vegetables, laid between two tortillas, no larger than a conventional CD, and spice it all sweet and sour, spicy pineapple sauce.

  • Colombia

The Colombian Cartagena, you can not avoid the temptation to try the arepas – incredibly popular, crispy cakes of wheat and corn flour with eggs, cheese and herbs, deep fried or grilled. Moreover, oil is used traditionally as much to topically arepasa it trickled down his chin. To fully enjoy this dish, go to Club Restaurante Club De Pesca, there can also be enjoyed karimanolas – pancakes with ground beef.
Culinary world travel. Colombia

Culinary world travel. Colombia_2

  • Italy

In Italy, the native land of Leonardo and the cradle of the Renaissance, it is worth to try a sandwich from the rumen – in his own ingenious invention of Tuscan cuisine.

Even if the idea that you have to chew cow’s stomach, causing discomfort in the abdomen, close your eyes, think of something pleasant, take a couple of bites and understand how much you have lost because of the bias against cow’s entrails.

Culinary world travel. Italy
Florentines stewed tripe with garlic and spices until then, until it becomes tender and soft, and then fold it into a roll and seasoned with red chili sauce or green sauce with capers, parsley and anchovies. Some artists, such as the trader in the Porta Romana area, added to a dish of artichokes and other spices.

  • Germany

Pleasant street gastronomic delights can please even those members of the old Europe, like Germany, which since ancient times famous for its sausages, of which there are as many as the cheeses in France. Not surprisingly, and in the street fast food is sausage play a major role.

While in Berlin, do not deny yourself the pleasure to treat stomach fried sausages with a spicy curry sauce: juicy, flavorful slices served there with lots of tomato sauce, flavored with herbs, pepper and saffron. According to legend, this dish was an accident – a clumsy korobeynitsa overturned tank with ingredients and, fearing punishment, began to sell the mix as a new dish.

Culinary world travel. Germany

Culinary world travel. Germany_2

The idea was a success – since then and to this day the famous currywurst sausages represent modern Berlin: traditional and cosmopolitan at the same time. Wherever you tried sharp curry sausages, drink a pint of cold and no less famous Warsteiner.

  • Belgium

Belgium may please you, seemingly banal dish – french fries. But in this country it is cooked brilliantly, at least on the Rights of the discoverers. These crispy, golden slices are sold almost at every corner. They are packed in paper cone-shaped envelopes and seasoned with a spoon of mayonnaise.

Culinary world travel.Belgium

Most succeeded in this business wizard Brussels institutions Frit Flagey and Maison Friterie Antoine, who use only the potato Bintje variety and twice fried it in peanut oil or beef fat. As a result, they produced an incredibly gentle, airy, surprisingly delicious slices. The choice offers tartar sauce or any of the other ten.

  • Jamaica

Jamaican cooks can always offer you a dried cured pork or chicken. For such exotic go to Ocho Rios, where sun-dried ham is prepared from the middle of the XVII century and visibly successful in this business.

Culinary world travel. Jamaica

First, the meat of wild boar embalm a mixture of spices, which include allspice, nutmeg, thyme, chili, and then it is subjected to light cold smoking. Smoke from mahogany enhances the aroma of spices and creates alluring crust hides juicy fragrant meat.

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