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Croatia — a culinary tour

Croatia — a culinary tour This country gave the world more than 1000 and one Dalmatians, because this breed of dog was born here. More than 600 million men every day put her invention — a tie, which was originally a ribbon that the girl wore around his neck to the soldiers, so that they […]

World Tour Quinoa

World Tour Quinoa Quinoa — an amazing product. Scientists have found that the oldest cereal known even to the Incas, is almost completely absorbed by the human body and contains a large amount of nutrients. The high protein content in the product has made it a staple in vegetarian diets.

Cooking & USA. Northern states

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Cooking & USA. Northern states We begin to discover America again — at least in the kitchen. After all, a good housewife, first of all, feed the guests, an American family is sacred and even jealously kept family recipes, and not just for special occasions.

Culinary journey. Food & Serbia

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Food & Serbia Culinary journey the area where miraculously combines the beauty of nature and the wonders of architecture, created by human hands; the ancient capital, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales; emerald forests and mountains in the clouds, the blue Danube and Silver Lake, which can be compared to the sea. […]

Slovakia. The feed here?

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Slovakia. The feed here? Country of mysterious legends, traditions and wonderful fairy tales — Slovakia. How not to be called a fairy and a magic country where preserved about 180 of medieval castles, among the walls of which, according to local residents still roam the spirits of their famous owners.