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Hungary. What’s to eat?

Hungary. What’s to eat? Today we go to Hungary. As many readers know, I have to this country is not indifferent, so get a culinary excursion unusually long. But very, very tasty! Country: Hungary Hungary on the world map

Vietnam Food

Vietnam Food An ancient legend says that this country was created dragons and fairies. Son of the Dragon Lac Long Quan, defeating the monster married Fee Au Co and settled in this land. Of the hundreds of eggs are born of them were born a hundred children. Fifty of them have followed his father to […]

Risotto firsthand. Lessons from the master

Risotto firsthand. Lessons from the master Talking about Italian cuisine can be infinite, love it — immensely, but there is really «Italian» is possible only in Italy. We will prepare an Italian dish — risotto.

Culinary Sweden

Culinary Sweden More than 300 thousand Carlson lives in this country, but only one on the roof, and the rest «just the name of this». And since 1986 the name of its inhabitants goes from the mother. Favorite hobby to locals to fish and take pictures with it for memory. I wonder if they catch […]

Spain for dessert. Valencia, Andalusia, and Castile

Spain for dessert. Valencia, Andalusia, and Castile What affects the country’s cuisine? Climate and environmental conditions — of course. Religious and historical traditions — of course. And the national character. While it may be, on the contrary — the kitchen has an impact on the formation of the very nature?