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Poland Food

Poland Food Palaces and fortresses, which still held jousting tournaments, magic salt caves and mysterious curve forest starry sky Copernicus and Polonaise Oginski, fantasy Stanislaw Lem and philosophical humor Jerzy Lec, the legend of the knights and pungent beauties, Slavic sourdough with a European gloss and a special highlight — all of Poland! Oh, how […]

Food and Argentina

Food and Argentina Today we will find ourselves in South America, the home of many delicious dishes. And we have the opportunity to see this! Country: Argentine Republic Argentina on the world map Argentina — is the eighth largest country in the world. It takes almost the entire south-east of South America, and even claim […]

Prague Culinary side

Prague Culinary side In Prague, all special: and architecture, and local resources, and restaurants. Czech menu in almost all towns have respected profile in Russian. Or it has a restaurant waiter, speaking in Russian. But not even that impressed me so. Meeting with Czech cuisine I have left in my heart one of the most […]

Pasta Strozzapreti San Marino

Pasta Strozzapreti San Marino San Marino, on all sides surrounded by the territory of Italy — September 3 one of the youngest and the oldest in Europe, the state within its present borders was founded. In honor of the birth of the republic — original recipe pasta.

Bahamas and cooking

Bahamas and cooking Today we officially open the feast in the Bahamas. In honor of this I’m a little depart from the rules and share not only the basic recipes and sweet dishes, but the recipe of the famous for the whole world cocktail «Bahama Mama».