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In Italy, selling ice cream with pizza taste

In Italy, selling ice cream with pizza taste In Italy, there is an unusual treat: ice cream with pizza taste. Two traditional Italian dishes combined in one of the oldest cafes in Naples. Gino Sorbillo, the owner of a popular pizzeria in Naples, personally choosing ingredients for such an unusual ice cream. Dessert is ice […]

Culinary Uruguay

Culinary Uruguay Driving a car while intoxicated is punishable in almost all countries of the world, but here it can be a mitigating factor. If you ask how to pass, the people of the country not only detailed and emotionally tell you how to, where to go and where to turn off, but spend most […]

introduction to French cuisine. part 2

introduction to French cuisine. part 2 About French cuisine is written a lot of books, it is raised to the level of high art. The unique cooking process puts French food in the first place in the world. In my opinion, to go to Paris and do not enjoy it, it is an unforgivable mistake. […]

Philippines. The feed here?

Philippines. The feed here? The people of this country are very fond of singing, and always and everywhere. More than singing, they love to eat, but more than to eat – to eat again! There is neither winter nor summer, nor autumn or spring – always either dry or wet. The locals are very slow […]

China and meal

Chinese, like the Great Wall of China can be counted among the wonders of the world. And it’s no wonder! What other nation on New Year’s night brings thanksgiving to God cooking, and a very tasty and beautifully decorated dish? Art of Chinese chefs and housewives delicate aroma is carried away to heaven. Yes! It […]