Culinary tourism: Where to try it?

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Culinary tourism: Where to try it?

Whatever the purpose of any travel: historic attractions, festivals, natural beauty, active or wellness vacation exploring the country’s cuisine can not be avoided, because it is an integral part of culture and a vital necessity at the same time. In addition, recently there was a new trend in – culinary tourism!

Of course, in this case, not for the sake of food people go to this or that country, but the “culinary route” thought out in advance, because not every country is famous not only one kind of special dish, but any of its region has its own culinary “raisin”. Between different countries, there is competition even considered a particular recipe exclusively his. However, without any food you can not get a taste of the country?


If the set-top box to the names of the dishes featured “Viennese” – this is the business card of Austria. Culinary creations proudly wearing this increase to the usual name by law can serve as a model of taste of the country’s coffee, sausages, strudel, other fancy pastries from a special “Viennese test” and so on.

Viennese cuisine can be considered the queen of all Austrian culinary traditions, but, nevertheless, each region of the country has its own delicate “flavor”. For example, in Tyrol, where a special feeling fed to the potatoes, the most famous dish – a potato casserole Gröstl. No, it’s not mixed meat with potatoes or potatoes with meat, which can be prepared by anyone, it was his Majesty Tiroler Gröstl. Of course, the right to cook this dish can only be in the Tyrol, but it might be worth a try, and ourselves?

Tiroler Gröstl


1 large onion
1 kg of potatoes
250 grams of salami
100 g bacon
3 tablespoons butter
salt pepper
4 eggs
1 bunch of parsley
1-2 (4)

Peel potatoes peeled and cut into thin slices, onion finely chop half rings. Salami cut into slices (thicker than sandwiches), bacon cut into thin slices or strips. Fry the bacon until crisp and remove from the pan. On of melted fat, and fry the onion in the same clean. Sauté the onion in a large, heavy skillet in hot fat, remove. Potatoes fried to a golden crisp in butter, add the fried onions and salami. Season with salt and pepper, to drive an egg without breaking the yolk (but slightly beating and can be pre). Finely chop and add the parsley.


The first association with this country, of course, the roses, but the second – a sweet, juicy pepper! The aroma of baked peppers literally soar through the streets of Bulgaria from summer to autumn. Of course, baked and stuffed with sweet peppers cooked everywhere, including in Russia, but the way it is cooked in Bulgaria ….

Whether pepper itself has a special taste and aroma, or the Bulgarian hostess knows a secret and have a special talent for cooking pepper, but without the “pig liver” with cheese flavor Bulgaria impossible to know!

Plneni pig liver

3-4 (2)

You will need:

8 large roasted red pepper
1 egg
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
100 g of cheese
100 g of a blue cheese
100 g of white cheese (sheep or replace Adygei)
100 grams of smoked cheese
2 slices white bread
another 2 tbsp chopped parsley
1-2 tablespoons olive oil
How to make:

All cheese rub on a coarse grater itself or cut into small cubes, mix with egg and parsley. Fill the peppers with a mixture and put them in a baking dish, covered with parchment, sprinkle with olive oil. Crumble the bread and mix it with parsley and olive oil. Crumbs pour sverzu on peppers. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.


Beer and sausages – traditional association with the German cuisine, in principle and in particular Bavaria. But! One of the most popular specialties in Bavaria – roasted pork knuckle with potato dumplings. Exactly – not with dumplings and dumpling with, as its size and weight is impressive to all German cuisine.

Schweinehaxe – pork knuckle! A large piece of juicy meat on the bone with a crispy crust, juicy and flavorful – contains almost murderous stock cholesterol and other harmful factors for digestion that does not stop any strong Bavarians and old women from the category of “God’s dandelion” of the use of this insanely delicious dishes. Let’s risk and we enjoy this savory shin with a crisp and delicate mouth-watering meat.


You will need:

large pork knuckle (not less than 1 kg and not greasy)
1 liter of dark beer
3 tablespoons honey
2 tbsp mustard (with grains)
salt, pepper, bay leaf, garlic,
rosemary, thyme
5-6 How to make: 

Shin is well rinsed and cleaned of tan markings, from garlic, pepper and bay leaf, making 5-6 punctures. Rub the shank with salt, and pour in warmed honey sauce and spices (half leave for baking), then pour the beer and put under pressure (preferably overnight). Pour a little water and boil shin, turning, for 1.5 -2 hours on low heat. Shin again coat with the sauce, adding the mustard, wrap in foil and bake in the oven for 40 minutes. Then remove foil and bake for another 30-40 minutes until crispy crust.

We extend a short round the world culinary journey? It is a long and difficult path, possibly in some countries will have to return again and again to pinpoint the taste of food is accurately reflects the tastes of the country itself.

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