Culinary secrets of healthy eating part of №2.

1.Low-fat cheese – this is useful and tasty.
I do not know how to make a salad more nutritious? Add to the list of ingredients, low-fat cheese – feta or cheese. Salad transformed and will become even tastier and healthier.

2.Add herbs to dishes.
Green – is a valuable source of vitamins and antioxidants. If possible, add finely chopped fresh herbs for food. This immediately makes any dish piquant and useful.

3.Mix flour with other species.
Flour and bakery products can be made more useful. Use instead of wheat flour other types: oats, buckwheat, millet. Taste cakes and muffins are also better.

4.Learn how to bake whole wheat.
Whole-wheat flour is much more useful than wheat flour. Master a few recipes and try to cook because of this kind. Will, of course, not the first time, but it’s worth it.

5.Change the oil in the fruit puree.
You love to indulge delicious home baking? Replace some of the oil on the fruit puree. For example, baking is a bit more useful. Preference is given to a puree of apples or pumpkins.

6.Eat as little sugar.
Sugar – is the main enemy of the figure and good health. If possible, try to minimize the use of this product. For example, in baking can be used as an alternative to a pinch of stevia extract, or dried fruits.

7.Use vegetable oil instead of butter.
Vegetable oil less fat than butter. Choose useful options – almond or coconut. They have a sweet and mild flavor and are ideal for baking.

8.Buy multivarku or aerogrill.
Seriously think about buying Multivarki or aerogrill. Modern devices allow to cook with minimal oil. In addition, the temperature can be adjusted, which means that reduces the risk of carcinogens.

9.Eat dark chocolate.
Prefer chocolate with a cocoa content of 70%. Such a product is most useful. That it stimulates the brain, improves the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

10.Cook in cast iron cookware.
Cast iron cookware is an absolute favorite. Cooking food in it quite dangerous. Cast iron cookware does not allocate to food, and it did not fly away from the microparticles.

11.Drink green tea with lemon.
Citric acid helps the body absorb antioxidants, which are found in green tea a lot. Therefore, during the next tea party in any case, do not forget a slice of lemon.

12.Do not forget about the right flavors.
If you really want something sweet, and the clock is already too late, think about the impressive power of fragrances. Vanilla discourages pampered forbidden delicacies.

13.Buy small plates.
From the small plates as comfortably there as much as your body needs. In general, one meal for the average person should be equal to the palm.

14.Like milk and bananas.
Milk and bananas – this is a great combination that is not only delicious but also very useful. This mix will help strengthen bones. Prepare a smoothie of milk and bananas. For more nutritional value can be added to oatmeal.

15.Cook the meat in honey.
Forget calorie marinades and sauces. Try to cook the meat in breadcrumbs honey. This, of course, sweet and too rich in calories, but very useful. The meat turns tender and covered with a delicious golden crust.

16.Check fish for freshness.
Before you cook a piece of delicious-looking fish, check for freshness. To do this, you need to drop the carcass into a deep bowl of water. If the fish sinks, it is fresh, and if not – it is better to abandon the idea to cook it for dinner.

17.Eat fractionally.
Doctors and nutritionists unanimously assert that need to be fed fractionally. An adult should eat 5-6 times a day. This is a full breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a useful day.

18.Eat slowly.
To the stomach time to apply congestion signals to the brain and you do not eat a little more than you need, you should chew food thoroughly and eat slowly.

19.Combine with fish and red wine.
Dry red wine is an excellent companion to the red fish. It helps her to better disclose their taste and enhances the positive effect that has marine products on the cardiovascular system.

20.Keep the flavor of the coffee beans.
In the morning, sometimes she wants to drink fragrant invigorating coffee. If the grain had lain for a long time and lost their smell, try to revive them. To do this, fill them in 1.5-2 hours in cold water.

21.Keep fresh vegetables longer.
Useful fresh vegetables, unfortunately, are not stored for so long. To prolong their life, Front Cover the refrigerator with paper towel. It will absorb excess moisture and protect the fruit from rotting.

22.Try to eliminate from the diet of empty calories.
Try to forget about simple carbohydrates. It rolls, candy, fast food and other goodies are not particularly useful. These foods give the body empty calories and only short-term satiety. It is better to switch to complex carbohydrates: cereals, whole grains, pasta from durum wheat.

23.Do not eat together tomatoes and cucumbers.
A popular combination is not so and useful. The fact that the composition has a cucumber enzyme that destroys ascorbic acid and prevents its absorption. And tomatoes are known, rich in vitamin C.

24.Like spicy food.
If possible, add to the dish savory spices: cayenne pepper, garlic, paprika, chili. Sharp spices start the metabolism and improve the functioning of the digestive system.

25.Eat raw fruits and vegetables.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are much healthier than fruits, which have undergone heat treatment. They also have a lot of fiber. If possible, try to use them is raw.

26.Drink more.
An adult should drink 1.5-2 liters per day of clean drinking water. Avoid dehydration. Sufficient fluid starts the metabolism, removes toxins, improves the appearance.

27.Do not forget about seasonal produce.
Do not forget that a variety of vegetables and fruits grow in certain seasons. Carefully study the table and try to buy the best fruit in season. It was then that they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body.

28.Dine for 3-4 hours before bedtime.
At night, the body has to rest. Do not overload the stomach and dine for 3-4 hours before bedtime. This time is enough to have time to digest the food, and the body to prepare for sleep and rest.

29.Cook cereals on green tea.
Kashi can be boiled, not only water or milk. Experiment and try to cook different grains on green tea. In boiling water, lower the bag of green tea or just pour a drink at the ratio of 1 to 1. The result will delight you.

30.Combine red meat with avocado.
Nourishing avocado fruit meat helps to reveal a new way. If the dish is to add green fruit, then it ceases to be so heavy, and will become even more nutritious and beneficial.

31.Add broccoli to the mustard.
Broccoli, a valuable source of B vitamins, can be even more useful. To do this, you must use it with mustard.

32.Prepare smoothies.
Smoothies – this is the easiest and fastest way to receive a loading dose of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Get culinary imagination. As a basis we can take the milk, kefir, yogurt. Add any vegetables, fruits and vitaminized.

33.Do not ignore the frozen vegetables.
Vegetables can be safely frozen. They retain the lion’s share of vitamins and minerals, which have in their composition. In the freezer, they may be stored for a long time.

34.Look useful alternative to sugar.
Sugar can and should be replaced by useful alternatives such as honey, which is sure to include in your diet to be healthy. It is important to remember that honey should not be subjected to heat treatment (added to the tea), since under high temperatures it loses all its useful properties.

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