Culinary secrets of healthy eating part of №1.

Culinary secrets of healthy eating part of №1.

1.Use spray oil.
To use as much oil as needed for cooking a particular dish, use a special spray gun, which can now be purchased at any large supermarket. If such a device is not available, then take a broad brush.

2.Roast broth, and not on oil.
Another method that can be used to make useful meal – this frying broth. Suffice couple tablespoons of vegetable broth. Although it also is fat, its content is much lower than in butter.

3.Instead of mayonnaise, use natural yogurt.
Forget mayonnaise out of the store. There are too many preservatives and flavor enhancers. Prepare a mayonnaise or other sauce at home. The basis should be useful to take a natural yogurt.

4.Include in the diet of sesame.
Sesame – a rich source of calcium. Add it to salads and other vegetable dishes. Firstly, it is useful, and secondly, very appetizing and aesthetically nice.

5.Cook steamed vegetables or bake in the oven.
If you want to eat in the best traditions of a healthy lifestyle, then forget about the hot. Baking and cooking for a couple – this is the most useful ways of cooking.

6.Prepare stuffing yourself.
The meat, which is used for cooking in the store sold by weight or packaged meat, often too fat or is not the first freshness. Therefore it is worthwhile to spend a little time and effort to prepare the stuffing at home and enjoy a truly useful and tasty dinner.

7.Look for an alternative to white bread.
In the beef for the hamburgers are traditionally added to white bread. However, there are less high-calorie options are also glued and mincemeat cutlets make light and airy. It whipped protein or grated on a fine grated zucchini.

8.Experiment with breading.
Flour and biscuits – it’s not all possible breading. Try sesame, ground nuts, chickpeas or lentils flour, oat flakes. And tasty, and useful.

9.Reduce the amount of salt consumed.
Try to reduce the amount of salt that goes into your body. It adversely affects the human body. For example, it delays the fluid and is the cause of a number of diseases.

10.Salt to food in the plate.
Nutritionists say that salt, which is not subjected to heat treatment, is much more useful to the body. That is why we can safely pickle dish, when it will have on your plate.

11.Replace table salt to sea.
Table salt, in fact, does not bear any good for the human body. Replace it with a crude, rock salt. It can be ground in a hand mill in minutes.

12.Cook the vegetables in boiling water.
If you choose to boil vegetables, it is best to add them to already boiling water. So they will keep more useful properties and vitamins.

13.Cook steamed vegetables.
Even better cook steamed vegetables. This method is most useful and simple. Today, the department Home can buy a special device that greatly simplifies the process of preparing steamed vegetables.

14.Freeze the broth.
Prepare the broth and freeze it into molds for ice cubes. Add a pair of dice in a dish being prepared to make it taste even more intense. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to butter, as mentioned above.

15.Do not forget the spices.
Spices can transform the most bland dish. They are also very useful. Choose your favorite spices, add them all possible dishes and strengthens the immune system.

16.Like nuts.
The vegetable and meat dishes can be safely add ground nuts. They combine perfectly with the food of this kind. In addition, nuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are just the “beneficial fats.”

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